News Releases 2003

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September 12, 2003

New Spacy 100 Scooter on Sale

September 12, 2003--Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the release of a new scooter, the Spacy 100, a fully equipped, highly reliable 4-stroke, 100cc model that is easy to ride and provides outstanding transportation convenience. The Spacy 100 goes on sale September 13.

Featuring a quiet, fuel-efficient, air-cooled 4-stroke engine, the Spacy 100 has power characteristics ideal for city driving. With its user-friendly body size, ample seating space for tandem riding, front/rear aluminum wheels that provide enhanced ride stability and a 12-inch front wheel, this new scooter realizes a new dimension of ride comfort and maneuverability. Additional features made available for a reasonable price include an anti-theft system and Honda’s combined brake system (which ensures balanced front and rear braking) for secure braking. 

Four standard colors are offered to appeal to the broadest range of customer preferences: Black, Pearl White, Boss Gray Metallic and Pearl Corn Yellow.

Production of the Spacy 100 takes full advantage of Honda’s global network, with research and development conducted in Japan, optimal procurement of parts from various countries in Asia, and assembly at Wuyang-Honda Motors (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd in China under stringent quality control standards. 

To date Honda has exported motorcycles from China to Japan (the Today went on sale in August 2002), Africa, Central and Latin America and the Middle and Near East; from Thailand to Europe and Oceania; from India to Europe, Africa and Central and Latin America; and from Brazil to North America, Europe and Central and Latin America. The Spacy 100 represents the second scooter model to be exported from China to Japan.

Leveraging worldwide operating resources optimally and achieving a mutually complementary supply of products within regions, Honda is moving forward with the ‘Made by Global Honda’ policy, responding to diversifying customer demand by manufacturing in the appropriate location for supply to each market.

Spacy 100

Spacy 100

Domestic annual sales target: 17,000 units
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: ¥199,000

(Not applicable in Okinawa and certain other regions)
(The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is for reference only. Consumption tax not included)

Main Features of the Spacy 100

Quiet, fuel-efficient, air-cooled 4-stroke engine
The new Spacy is equipped with a highly reliable, quiet, lightweight, compact, forced-air-cooled engine. The adoption of an air injection (secondary air supply) system reduces pollutant gases in emissions, and the auto-choke system, well-known for its superior reliability, ensures stable start-up. Power characteristics optimized for low to mid-range engine speeds make for ease of use in the stop –and-start patterns common in city driving.
The Spacy 100 offers 30%* better fuel economy than the former Lead 100.
*Honda in-house measurement
Comfortable styling; a full range of equipment
The Spacy features an impressive visage with a bold, large dual 40W halogen headlight arrangement. The dynamic-look rear-view mirrors and uniquely-designed combination lamps offer superb visibility and sharp, vibrant styling.
The extra-comfortable seats are made of a urethane material covered with granulated leather, and the 730mm seat height is low enough to allow riders to plant their feet firmly on the ground. The Spacy 100 is equipped with a die-cast aluminum carrier that highlights the sportiness of the rear form, as well as handy side grips on the scooter stand. The 22-liter * capacity helmet storage space located under the seat is large enough to accommodate a standard full-face helmet.
*Honda in-house measurement
Comprehensive anti-theft system and safety equipment
The anti-theft system utilizes a key cylinder that features centralized control of the main switch, seat opener and handle lock. The key cylinder is also equipped with a shutter-like protective cover. Extra security is achieved through pre-wiring for an optional alarm kit or immobilizer alarm. Safety equipment includes a combined brake system that distributes an appropriate balance of front and rear wheel braking force when only the left (rear wheel) brake lever is used. This enables effective stopping while maintaining vehicle stability.

Outline of Wuyang-Honda Motors (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd

Established : July 1992
Locations : Guangzhou City, Guandong Province
Capital : 30 million US dollars (approx. 3.57 billion yen)
Capitalization ratio : Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 50%
Guangzhou Motor Group 50%
Area of business : Manufacture and sales of motorcycles and motorcycle parts and after-sales service
Number of employees : Approximately 2000
Production capacity : 450,000 units/year


Model Name Spacey 100
Model Type Honda・BC-JF13
L x W x H (m) 1.795×0.680×1.070
Wheelbase (m) 1.235
Ground Clearance (m) 0.125
Seat Height (m) 0.730
Vehicle Weight (kg) 101
Dry Weight (kg) 94
Number of Riders 2
Turning Radius (m) 1.9
Engine Type JF13E (forced, air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder)
Displacement (cm3) 102
Bore x Stroke (mm) 50.0×52.0
Compression Ratio 9.0
Max. Power output (kW[PS]/rpm) 5.2[7.1]/7,500
Max. Torque (N·m[kg·m]/rpm) 7.8[0.8]/5,000
Fuel Consumption (km/L) 45.0 (60km/h flat track, constant test conditions)
Carburetor Type VK0AE
Starter Self-starting (also kick-start)
Ignition CDI type, battery powered ignition
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) 6.5
Lubrication Combination pressure / splash
Clutch Dry, multi-plate shoe
Gearbox Continuously variable (V-Matic)
Gear Ratio 1 gear 2.830 ~ 0.850
Differential(primary/secondary) 2.500/3.769
Caster Angle (degrees) /Trail (mm) 27°00´/75
Tire Size Front 90/90-12 44J
Rear 100/90-10 56J
Brake Front Hydraulic disc
Rear Mechanical leading/trailing
Suspension Front Telescopic
Rear Unit-swing type
Frame Underbone