News Releases 2003

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April 18, 2003

Honda Launches the New XR250 Motard Sport Bike

April 18, 2003­Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the introduction of the XR250 Motard, a new sport bike equipped with an easy-to-manage, powerful, air-cooled single-cylinder 250cc 4-stroke engine that delivers exceptional on-road driving performance. The XR250 Motard goes on sale Saturday, April 26th.

The XR250 Motard is based on the XR250 off-road sport bike that underwent a model change in February this year. This new on-road sport model has 17-inch aluminum wheels (front/rear) and road tires, giving the bike a “Super Motard”* image. 

These modifications assure the XR250 Motard nimble handling and improved maneuverability when riding around town. The bike features a black body color scheme emphasizing a powerful look that will appeal to street bikers, who ride mainly in urban areas.

Body color: Black

*Super Motard: A bike race that has recently become popular, mainly in Europe, featuring off-road bikes with small-diameter wheels and on-road tires that compete for speed over asphalt and dirt surfaces.
XR250 Motard

XR250 Motard

Annual domestic sales target 1,000 units
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (consumption tax not included): ¥519,000

(Example of regionally adjusted manufacturer’s suggested retail price: Okinawa +8,000 yen. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is for reference only. Similar adjustments may be made in other regions.)

=Main Features of the XR250 Motard=

Powerful and dynamic exterior design

  • The XR250 Motard is fitted with 3.00x17-inch and 3.50x17-inch (front/rear) wide-rim wheels equipped with 110/70-17 and 130/70-17 (front/rear) wide on-road tires. The combination of small wheels and long-stroke suspension achieves a striking, new exterior design. The sharp looking tank shroud and upswept design of the rear fender augment the bike’s dynamic appearance. The exterior expresses an overall feeling of power by virtue of its black body color highlighted with silver stripes.

Combination of off-road bike design and small-diameter on-road tires generates a
fresh handling feel

  • Combining a slim, lightweight off-road bike design with small diameter on-road tires
    provides comfortable handling distinguished by on-road agility and a tenacious
    road-holding feel.

Inverted front forks for exceptional handling stability and ride comfort

  • The front suspension employs a 43mm diameter inverted cartridge type fork tube, achieving
    both comfortable handling and outstanding shock absorption.

Seat designed for comfort

  • The two-tone black and gray seat features a slim design to facilitate rider body movements, together with a broad rider contact patch for assured comfort. Seat height is set 20mm lower than on the base XR250 model, enabling riders to assume an optimal position for on-road use.

Digital CDI unit ensures optimal ignition timing

  • A digital CDI unit is employed for high-precision ignition timing optimally matched to throttle opening. Digital CDI boosts power at low throttle openings, giving riders easier control of the engine.

Effective anti-theft equipment

  • Anti-theft protection includes a sturdy combination lock ignition key cylinder and pre-wiring for an alarm kit*, sold separately.

* The alarm kit consists of an anti-theft system that sounds an alarm if the bike is rocked or moved.


Model Name XR250 Motard
Model Type Honda BA-MD30
L x W x H (m) 2.110×0.790×1.150
Wheelbase (m) 1.425
Ground Clearance (m) 0.240
Seat Height (m) 0.855
Vehicle Weight (kg) 134
Dry Weight (kg) 120
Number of Riders 2
Turning Radius (m) 2.2
Engine Type MD17E (air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder)
Displacement (cm3) 294
Bore x Stroke (mm) 73.0×59.5
Compression Ratio 9.3:1
Max· Power (kW[PS]/rpm) 21[28]/8,000
Max· Torque (N·m[kg·m]/rpm) 25[2.6]/7,000
Fuel Consumption (km/L) 40.0 (60 km/h low-altitude driving)
Carburetor Type VE88
Starter Self-starting
Ignition CDI battery ignition
Lubrication Pressure feed (dry sump)
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 9.7
Clutch Wet-type, multi-plate and coil spring
Gearbox Constant mesh, 5-speed return
Gear Ratios 1st 2.769
2nd 1.882
3rd 1.380
4th 0.923
5th 0.814
Differential (primary/secondary) 3.100/3.000
Caster Angle (degrees)/Trail (mm) 25°15´/71
Tire Size Front 110/70-17M/C 54H
Rear 130/70-17 M/C 62H
Braking System Front Hydraulic disc
Rear Hydraulic disc
Suspension Front Telescopic
Rear Swing arm (Pro-Link)
Frame Semi-double cradle