News Releases 2003

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March 27, 2003

Wave 125i Equipped with Compact PGM-FI Introduced at Bangkok Motor Show

Bangkok, March 27, 2003 --- A.P. Honda Co., Ltd. announced today at the Bangkok Motor Show that the stylish Cub-type motorcycle Wave125, has been equipped with PGM-FI, an electronically controlled fuel injection system. 

The new model, equipped with an air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder 125cc engine, offers a smooth start and a powerful riding feel coupled with good ride comfort delivering superior fuel efficiency in the wide range of riding conditions found in Thailand. 

The Wave 125i also achieves very low emission levels, with less than half of the CO and HC+NOX levels specified by Thailand’s fifth emissions standards that will come into effect in July, 2004.

The Wave 125i will be manufactured by Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and will go on sale in July, 2003. This will be the first time for a bike equipped with this compact PGM-FI system to be manufactured in Thailand. 

Previously, Honda introduced the Pantheon/Pantheon 150 scooter equipped with a watercooled 125cc/150cc engine and PGM-FI, at Bologna, Italy in December, 2002. Sales of these scooter models started at the end of February 2003, beginning with the Italian market. 

Following the introduction of an air-cooled engine model equipped with PGM-FI, Honda plans to introduce other such models in the rapidly expanding Asian markets, where air-cooled engine models are the choice of a majority of consumers.

"Wave 125i" Equipped with Compact PGM-FI

"Wave 125i" Equipped with Compact PGM-FI