News Releases 2002

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November 22, 2002

Honda FCX Fuel Cell Vehicle Earns Japanese Ministry of Land,Infrastructure and Transport Approval -Lease Marketing to CommenceDecember 2nd in Japan and the U.S.-

November 22, 2002—Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that its FCX fuel cell vehicle has been granted Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport approval, and that limited marketing will commence in Japan on December 2nd.

Honda initially plans a limited market release of around thirty vehicles over the first two to three years in Japan and the U.S. combined. One of the newly certified vehicles will be leased to the Cabinet Office. Next year, Honda plans to lease the vehicle to government offices and public corporations in Japan.

The FCX utilizes Honda’s own independently developed high-efficiency, high-output ultra-capacitor energy storage system to achieve powerful, responsive driving performance. Layout of the powertrain’s structural components has also been optimized to attain a spacious interior with room for four adults in a compact body that maintains a high level of collision safety performance no matter what the crash direction.

The FCX was the world’s first fuel cell vehicle to obtain U.S. government approval for commercialization in July, and Honda has entered into an agreement to lease five FCX vehicles to the City of Los Angeles. A vehicle delivery ceremony is scheduled to take place at Los Angeles City Hall on December 2nd, with L.A. Mayor James K. Hahn and Honda President and CEO Hiroyuki Yoshino in attendance.

FCX fuel cell vehicle

FCX fuel cell vehicle

FCX Specifications

Number of occupants 4
Maximum speed 150km/h
Motor Max. output 60kW(82PS)
Max. drive torque 272N・m
Type AC synchronous electric motor
(manufactured by Honda)
Fuel cell stack Type PEFC
(polymer electrolyte fuel cell, Fuel cell stack manufactured by Ballard)
Output 78kW
Fuel Type Compressed hydrogen gas
Storage High-pressure hydrogen tank (350 atmospheres)
Capacity 156.6L
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 4,165 x 1,760 x 1,645
Energy storage Ultra-capacitor (manufactured by Honda)
Vehicle range 355km