News Releases 2002

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September 12, 2002

Honda Adds a 1.5L Model to the Popular "Fit" Small Car Line-up

September 12, 2002— Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the introduction of a new model of the Fit, a small car widely lauded for its innovative, original styling, excellent fuel economy, and spacious interior. The new 1.5L Fit, named the Fit 1.5T, will be available starting September 13th at Honda automobile dealers across Japan. Honda will release the new Fit 1.5T ALMAS, which features a front-passenger swivel seat, on October 15th, also at Honda automobile dealers nationwide.

The new Fit 1.5T is equipped with Honda’s newly developed 1.5L VTEC engine, which delivers high power output and superb fuel efficiency of 20 km/L*. It also features the new Honda Multimatic S with 7-speed mode, which lets the driver shift among seven speed ranges using steering wheel-mounted shift controls. The vehicle’s suspension settings have also been optimized to provide a truly comfortable ride. Along with two special body colors for the Fit 1.5T, the new 1.5L model comes with a black-based interior and 14-inch aluminum alloy wheels, for a luxurious, enjoyable driving experience.

* FWD equipped with automatic, continuously variable transmission, driven in 10-15 mode (excludes models equipped with 15-inch aluminum wheels and models with a sunroof). Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure
and Transport test figure.

Fit 1.5T
Fit 1.5T

Fit 1.5T

●Monthly projected sales nationwide: 20,000 units (series total)

●Manufacturer’s suggested retail price  (consumption tax not included; units: ¥1,000):
◎ indicates model type shown in photo

Type Engine Transmission Drive
1.5T 1.5L VTEC Honda Multimatic S
(Prosmatic/ with7-speed mode)
FWD 1,350
4WD 1,530  
W 1.3L i-DSI Honda Multimatic S (Prosmatic) FWD 1,260  
4WD 1,440  
A FWD 1,145  
4WD 1,325  
Y FWD 1,065  
4WD 1,245  

* Brilliant White Pearl body color: + ¥25,000
* Fit ALMAS: + ¥86,000

Manufacturer Options

Exclusively for the Fit 1.5T

  • L Package (includes automatic air conditioner with air filter; body-colored, electronic remote-controlled, fold-away side mirrors; half-shaded windshield): +¥45,000
  • 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels (15x6JJ) + 185/55R15 81V steel-belted radial tires: +¥20,000
  • Large tailgate spoiler*1: +¥35,000
  • HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlights (high/low beam): +¥50,000
  • High-mount brake light: +¥5,000
  • Honda DVD Navigation System with MD/CD player, AM/FM/TV tuner, and AV input jack*2: +¥180,000
  • MD player with AM/FM tuner*3: +¥10,000

All grades

  • Front-seat i-side airbag system equipped with front passenger posture detection system: +¥45,000
  • S Package (body-colored headlight garnish; fog lamps with body-colored garnish; and under-spoilers (front/sides/rear)): +¥120,000
  • *1Available as a set with the S Package, 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels, and high-mount brake light, or with the L Package and the S Package together.
  • *2ACannot be installed along with the CD player with AM/FM tuner. The CD player is part of the navigation system unit, and is used for both music and map CDs. Therefore, music cannot be played while the navigation display is on. Not equipped with an AUX jack, as it has an AV input jack.
  • *3Cannot be installed along with the CD player with AM/FM tuner.

Main features of the Fit 1.5T

Newly developed 1.5L VTEC engine delivering both superb power and fuel economy

Honda has developed a light, compact engine equipped with a roller coaxial VTEC mechanism and aluminum rocker arms, that also utilizes engine technology inherited from the \ Insight and fuel economy technology from the i-DSI engine used in the Fit and Mobilio. With this new 1.5L VTEC engine Honda has achieved a superb balance of high power output, high fuel efficiency, and ultra-low emissions.

  • Max. output    (kW[PS]/rpm): 81[110]*/5,800
  • Max. torque    (N-m[kg-m]/rpm): 143[14.6]*/4,800    * Net value

Newly developed Honda Multimatic S with 7-speed mode

Equipped with the Honda Multimatic S automatic continuously-variable transmission with 7-speed mode, which allows the driver to shift among seven speed ranges using steering wheel-mounted shift controls The driver can shift manually without removing his/her hands from the steering wheel making it possible to enjoy 3 different driving modes.

  • In standard operation, a smooth ride is maintained in the automatic continuously-variable transmission mode.
  • The driver can use the 7-speed mode main switch to change from automatic continuously-variable transmission mode to 7-speed automatic shift mode.
  • The driver can enjoy shifting among seven speed ranges using steering wheel-mounted shift controls – 7-speed manual shift mode.

By pressing the 7-speed mode main switch when in 7-speed automatic shift mode or 7-speed manual shift mode, the system returns to the automatic continuously variable transmission mode.

Exterior and interior

Smoked, plated headlight garnish and 14-inch aluminum wheels impart a more robust exterior look to the new Fit model, while the special black-based Fit seats accented by satin-finish, plated controls imbue the interior with a feeling of quality and sophistication.

  • Smoked, plated headlight garnish; red/clear rear combination lamps; custom 14-inch aluminum wheels, 15-inch aluminum wheels (manufacturer’s option), large tailgate spoiler (manufacturer’s option), satin-finish, plated Fit emblem
  • Satin-finish, plated shift panel; satin-finish, plated inner door handles, 3 independent silver instrument meters

Body colors

Available in 12 colors, including two special colors.

  • Special colors for the Fit 1.5T: Storm Silver Metallic; Vivid Blue Purple
  • Standard: Brilliant White Pearl; Taffeta White; Satin Silver Metallic; Nighthawk Black Pearl; Ice Blue Metallic; Milan Red; Mint Opal Metallic; Iris Red Pearl; Orchid Yellow; Eternal Blue Pearl