News Releases 2002

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February 7, 2002

Honda Releases the New "That's" -a New Style of Minicar

February 7, 2002-Honda Motor Co, Ltd. has announced the release of the "That's"-a new style of minicar that will be available for sale nationwide through Honda's Primo dealer network starting February 8th.

"That's", which was designed to function as an "everyday personal belonging for easy, carefree use", is a new concept multi-functional wagon that meets these design objectives with style and individualized flair.

"That's" (with manufacturer's optional equipment)

"That's" (with manufacturer's optional equipment)

●Monthly domestic sales target: 6,000 units


  • A "round-square" exterior design that employs rounded corners for a simple, cosmopolitan look
  • Ample glass area (side windows, rear quarter-panel windows) creates a unified feel and a superior, wide field of vision
  • Interior done in tones of silver and black, with a metallic-finish instrument panel and beautiful, lustrous seat fabric
  • Top-of-its-class fuel economy of 19km/L*1 ("That's" FWD) combined with a quiet, comfortable ride
  • A generous selection of body color variations-14 in all
  • Newly designed safety body based upon Honda's unique G-Control technology targets world-class safety standards. Both driver and passenger seats achieve J-NCAP ☆☆☆☆ collision safety performance.*2
  • A lightweight, rigid body for high collision safety performance, with a pedestrian injury-reducing design
  • All model types recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as Excellent Low Emissions Vehicles, and meet fuel efficiency requirements for 2010 (FWD)
  • *1Fuel consumption when driven in 10-15 mode. Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport figures.
  • *2According to independent Honda test data.

How "That's" got its name:
When we see something in our daily lives that strikes our fancy, we say, "Hey! That's it!" Honda chose this name to express the casual, natural relationship they hope "That's" owners will have with their cars.

Suggested retail price (excluding consumption tax; units: ¥1,000)

Type Engine Transmission Drive Price  
That's 660cc Hyper 12-valve Column-shift
3- speed automatic
FWD 1,034
4WD 1,154  
That's TURBO 660cc Hyper 12-valve,
with intercooler and turbo
FWD 1,169  
4WD 1,289  

◎indicates model type shown in photo.

As a low-emissions vehicle, "That's" (FWD) is eligible for tax incentives under the Japanese government's Green Tax*3 program. Consumption tax is reduced by ¥9,000.

  • *3The "Green Tax" vehicle taxation system was enacted in April, 2001 to promote the development and popularization of environment-friendly vehicles. This system of tax incentives offers reduced consumption and motor vehicle taxes for cars recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport as lowemissions vehicles, and those which meet fuel economy standards for 2012. Minicars, however, are not eligible for the motor vehicle tax reduction.

<Manufacturer options:>

  • ABS equipped with EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) and brake assist +¥40,000 (Standard equipment on “That’s” TURBO)
  • “A” Package (comes as set with privacy glass) +¥75,000 (including ¥25,000 for privacy glass) Package includes: auto air conditioner; body-colored, electronic, remote-control, fold-away side mirrors; 2-phase, day/night rearview mirror; vanity mirror-equipped sun visor (driver’s side)
  • ‘Pop’ color components +¥50,000 Seven color combinations are available, consisting of the base color (Satin Silver Metallic) + a ‘Pop’ color: Custom-color front/rear bumpers; custom-color side mirror garnish; custom-color door and tailgate outer handles; custom-color “That’s” decal
  • Privacy glass (rear door, rear quarter-panel window, tailgate) +¥25,000
  • MD player and in-dash 6-CD changer (equipped with clock function) with AM/FM tuner + four highgrade speakers +¥65,000
  • 13-inch aluminum wheels:“That’s” +¥35,000 “That’s” TURBO +¥30,000
  • When ordered without audio equipment: -¥20,000 *Brilliant White Pearl exterior +¥20,000

<Body colors (14 variations in all)>

Standard (seven colors):

Clione Silver Metallic (new color); Taffeta White; Brilliant White Pearl; Satin Silver Metallic; Ice Blue Metallic; Lilac Silver Metallic; Nighthawk Black Pearl

‘Pop’ color components (seven colors):

*base (Satin Silver Metallic) + seven ‘Pop’ colors: Iris Red Pearl; Aqua Breeze Opal Metallic; Very Purple Metallic; Crystal Turquoise Metallic; Muscat Silver Metallic; Storm Silver Metallic; Smash Orange Pearl

<“That’s” TURBO custom standard equipment:>

  • ABS equipped with EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) and brake assist
  • Large footrest
  • Ventilated disc brakes (front)
  • Exhaust pipe finisher (large-diameter type)
  • 13-inch tires and full-wheel hubcaps

Main Features


"That's" was designed around a concept of "simple-hearted style" with a subdued elegance that gives form to a light-hearted, unadorned, casual style with an eye for quality.

  • A "round-square" (box with rounded corners) design is employed in the body, headlights, and side mirrors to express simplicity, strength, and playfulness.
  • Side windows and rear quarter-panel windows create a long, unified glass area, for a roomy, comfortable interior and superb visibility.
  • Sleek headlights are combined with the turn signal lamps to form a unified horizontal line across the car's front mask, imparting a broad perspective.
  • The hood is completely visible, for ease of driving and a simple, unpretentious front nose.
  • Rear combination lights have a gentle, streamlined form.
  • Fourteen color variations are available (seven standard + seven 'Pop'*4 two-tone schemes) including a new color, Clione Silver Metallic, which changes tone under varying light conditions.
  • *4Manufacturer option


The interior was designed under a theme of "personalized quality" to create a simple, functional, stylish private space that is visually appealing and easy to use.

  • Styled to create a simple, uncluttered space with a cosmopolitan image; finished in silver and black.
  • Simple, high-quality door linings employ material selected to emphasize the cabin's walls.
  • The sharp, "desktop-style" instrument panel employs a metallic finish to evoke the look of an unadorned tabletop.
  • The center panel looks as if it had been placed on a desk, and the single gauge uses an easy-to-see luminescent needle.
  • The seats are designed to provide the comfort of a chair, and are upholstered in lustrous fabric.
  • "That's" seat nametag adds a playful highlight.
  • Multifunction front cup holders (with reversible tray).


Theme: a "first car" package for individualized comfort, relaxation, and utility that is immediately apparent.

  • To impart a feeling of space created for the driver alone, the cabin roof corners were moved as far away from the driver as possible, resulting in ample headroom and a spacious feel.
  • Corners were employed where the roof lining meets the interior trim to emphasize the border between the two, thus creating a more spacious, room-like feel.
  • Separate seats were employed in the front, resulting in more comfortable seating with superior hold and fit.
  • A newly developed, thin seatback frame with a folding structure ensures more legroom for rear passengers. Convenient seating can be freely rearranged to suit a range of uses.
  • Undulations have been kept to a minimum in the flat, easy-to-use cargo space.
  • Entry and exit are facilitated by an elevated seating position, and flat floor with minimal undulations.


Theme: Nimble, smooth driving performance with a mature, high quality feel that is immediately apparent.

  • The well-balanced, high-performance engine combines high levels of power, fuel economy, and low emissions. 
    Two engines are available: the Hyper 12-valve engine, with emphasis on smooth everyday driving ("That's"); and the Turbo engine, equipped with a turbocharger and large intercooler for responsiveness and natural, powerful performance at all speeds ("That's" TURBO). 
    Maximum output: 47kW[64PS]/6,000rpm 
    Maximum torque: 93N-m[9.5kg-m]/4,000rpm*5 ("That's" TURBO)
  • *5Net values
  • Optimized valve-lift timing and use of soundproofing materials for higher sound insulation and absorption put "That's" at the top of its class for quiet operation.
  • The rear suspension is stable on uneven road surfaces, and shock absorbers with optimized damping force ensure a relaxed ride.
  • The high-performance body delivers superb collision safety, lightness, and rigidity in a roomy yet lightweight design.
  • Simple surface construction and a "round-square" design result in outstanding aerodynamic performance.


  • Honda's original G-CON (G-force Control) technology is incorporated to create a new body with a world top-class crash safety design, reducing the possibility of occupant injury while securing a strong survival cell. It offers protection to vehicle occupants in a 55km/h full-frontal collision, a 64km/h front offset collision, 55km/h side collision, and a 50km/h rear collision.
  • The front and center pillars feature a large cross-section, and strong, high-tensile steel is employed, for superb collision safety performance.
  • The pedestrian injury-reducing body is designed to absorb impacts to the head and legs.
  • The interior is designed to protect occupants' heads in a collision through use of impact-absorbing materials in the side of the cabin's roof and pillars.
  • ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) and brake assist are standard equipment ("That's" TURBO).
  • A dual front SRS airbag system for driver and passenger is standard equipment on all model types.
  • ISO FIX compatible child seat anchor bars (left and right rear seats) are standard equipment.

[Environmental Performance]

  • Hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and other pollutants in the exhaust gas have been greatly reduced. In fact, "That's" runs so clean that all model types are recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as Excellent Low Emissions Vehicles, with emissions of less than 50% of those allowed under year 2000 emissions regulations.
  • "That's" attains a top-of-its-class fuel rating of 19.0km/L*1 (FWD). All model types meet Japanese government fuel efficiency requirements for 2010.
  • *1Fuel consumption when driven in 10-15 mode. Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport figures.
  • Recycling starts at the production stage. Almost all interior injection-molded parts are made of olefin resin for superior recyclability. This and other measures result in an overall vehicle recyclability of over 90%*6.
  • Lead content has been reduced to less than a third*6 of 1996 levels through use of specialized steel in the crankshaft and other measures.
  • *6According to independent Honda measurement standards