News Releases 2002

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February 14, 2002

Honda Introduces the "Ape100", a New, 5-Speed Mini Sports Bike,Press Release

Tokyo, February 14, 2002 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today introduced the "Ape100", a new mini sports bike for Japan's Type II (50-125cm3) licensing category. Features of the Ape 100 include a powerful 100cm3 air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single engine, a motorcycle-type 5- speed transmission offering the handling and control enjoyment associated with larger motorcycles, and friendly, approachable styling. This model will be available for sale starting February 15, 2002.

The Ape 100 uses the same compact chassis and simple, friendly styling that characterized its predecessor, the popular Ape 50cc motorbike, but includes a larger 100cm3 engine (7PS maximum power output) that delivers a significantly more robust ride. This larger powerplant, combined with a more rigid frame, swingarm and rear wheel, as well as the addition of a longer seat, allow the Ape 100 to carry two with ease.

Color for the standard model is Classical White, but riders can also take advantage of Honda's popular Color Order Plan to customize their Ape 100 according to their own unique preferences by selecting any of 42 possible color combinations (including 7 fuel tank colors, 3 frame colors, and 2 fender/side cover/headlight cover colors).

The name "Ape" is a playful appellation chosen in light of the position of the ape as the members of the animal kingdom most closely associated with human beings, leading to an image of a friendly, familiar little motorcycle with which all kinds of people can enjoy close association.



●Yearly domestic sales target: 4,500 units
●Manufacturer’s suggested retail price  (excl. consumption tax):
Standard Type
Color Order Plan Types
249,000 yen
264,000 yen
(examples of regional manufacturer's suggested retail price: Okinawa + 8,000 yen)  


Specifications As of February 20, 2002
Vehicle Name Ape100
Vehicle Type Honda · BC-HC07
Length x Width x Height (m) 1.715 x 0.770 x 970
Wheelbase (m) 1.190
Ground Clearance (m) 0.160
Seat Height (m) 0.715 (at seat center)
Curb Weight (kg) 87
Dry Weight (kg) 82
Seating Capacity (person) 2
Turning Radius (m) 2
Engine Type HC07E (air-cooled, 4-stroke single-cylinder)
Engine Capacity (cm3) 99
Bore x Stroke (mm) 53.0 x 45.0
Compression Ratio 9.4
Max· Power (kW[PS]/rpm) 5.1[7]/8,000
Maximum Torque (N·m/rpm) 7[0.71]/6,500
Fuel Consumption (km/L) 53.2 (60km/h constant speed)
Carburetor Type PB5QA
Starter Primary kick
Ignition CDI-type, battery-powered
Lubrication Force-fed and splash
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 5.5
Clutch Wet-type multiplate with coil springs
Transmission Constant mesh 5-speed return-type
Gear Ratio 1st Gear 3.083
2nd Gear 1.882
3rd Gear 1.400
4th Gear 1.130
5th Gear 0.923
Final Drive Primary: 4.437/Secondary: 2.200
Caster Angle/trail(mm) 28コ30'/89
Tire Size Front 120/80-12   54J
Rear 120/80-12   54J
Braking System Front Mechanical, leading/trailing drum-type
Rear Mechanical, leading/trailing drum-type
Suspension Front Telescopic-type
Rear Swing arm-type
Frame Construction Diamond-type

The specifications of released on February 14 contained incorrect figures of Vehicle Type, Wheelbase, Ground Clearance and Fuel Consumption
The find specifications are as above.