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AutomobileJapanMarch 19, 1998
Upgrades to the Horizon Series

Tokyo, March 19, 1998 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced that it has made improvements to its popular four-wheel drive, the Horizon. Fitted with a newly developed 3.0-liter direct-injection diesel engine, the new Horizon boasts lower fuel consumption, cleaner exhaust emissions, and runs quieter too. The new model will be available from March 19 at Clio dealers throughout Japan.

Main components of the Horizon upgrade:

Direct-injection 3.0-liter DOHC intercooler turbo-diesel engine
This engine employs the latest diesel technology, designed to boost fuel economy while simultaneously increasing power and reducing emissions. The engine uses a common rail fuel injection system that feeds fuel directly into the combustion chamber under high pressure via an injector working at an extremely high oil pressure.
  • Powerful:
    Maximal power output of 160 PS at 3,900 rpm, combined with maximum torque** of 34.0 kgm at 2,000 rpm ensure the Horizon can easily cope with a variety of road conditions.
  • Improved fuel economy:
    The new Horizon is around 60% more fuel efficient than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles
  • Reduced carbon dioxide emissions:
    The new Horizon emits around 50% less carbon dioxide than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles
  • Cleaner exhaust emissions:
    Thanks to various technologies that can clean up emissions, the new Horizon is around 35% cleaner than equivalent diesel-powered vehicles in terms of NOx emissions, and emits over 60% less particulate matter (PM).
    Complies with exhaust emission regulations due to come into effect later in 1998. Low levels of black smoke emitted.
  • Quieter operation compared with conventional diesel-powered vehicles, the new Horizon generates internal and external noise levels on average 3 to 5 decibels lower. Steering and floor vibrations are also greatly reduced.
DOHC 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine
To improve combustion efficiency, this engine features high-flow straight intake ports that can suck large volumes of air into the combustion chamber, plus a variable inertia air intake system.
  • Powerful on level ground:
    Maximal power output of 230 PS at 5,600 rpm, combined with maximum torque** of 32.0 kgm at 3,000 rpm, give the Horizon superior torque on level ground over many other gasoline-powered vehicles in its class, together with fine-tuned response.
  • Cleaner exhaust emissions:
    Reductions in the amounts of exhaust pollutants produced ensure the models conform to new regulations laid down by 13 Japanese municipal authorities.
    ** Power and torque statistics are both net values.
  • Modified front view and new aluminum wheels give a greater feeling of security with luxury
  • Interior features new seat upholstery (XS grade) and matching door trim
  • A sturdy, full-frame construction, with body panels made from high-tensile steel, plus specially reinforced locker panels, doors and pillars, make the Horizon safer in a collision
  • Power window auto-return functions on all doors help prevent anybody accidentally trapping something in a window
Other features
  • A simple flick of a switch activates the shift-on-the-fly transmission-shift mechanism, allowing changes between 2-wheel (2H) and 4-wheel (4H) or 2-wheel and electronic-control torque-split 4WD drives
  • Keyless entry system fitted as standard (Lotus, Lotus SE)
  • Automatic air conditioning fitted as standard (XS)
The new Horizon is the result of a development project stemming from an agreement between Honda and Isuzu to find and pursue product areas that are mutually complementary. The Horizon, based on the Isuzu Bighorn is manufactured and supplied by Isuzu but wears the Honda badge. The Horizon and Bighorn differ principally in the use of special aluminum wheels for the former, together with different body colors, seat upholstery and door trims.

Horizon XS
Horizon XS

Domestic annual sales target: 150 units
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