Taking super sport riding to a new level-the world's first Electronically Controlled Combined ABS for super sport bikes Taking super sport riding to a new level-the world's first Electronically Controlled Combined ABS for super sport bikes


IntroductionWhat is Electronically Controlled 'Combined ABS' (combined braking system with ABS for front and rear wheels)

Electronically Controlled Combined ABS is the world's first electronically controlled braking system for super sport bikes. All levels of licensed riders can experience a new level of advanced braking performance on a large motorcycle simply by applying the brakes normally and firmly. The system is designed to electronically distribute front and rear braking forces to facilitate smooth braking without wheel lock.


The purpose of electronic control

Combining a short wheelbase and light weight with a high center of gravity, super sport bikes are designed for high performance.

A touring bike is like a cruiser-ideal for long trips. The super sport bike is like a motor boat-ideal for sporty performance.

Since the behavior of super sport bikes is so responsive to rider input, they require electronic braking control of unprecedented precision and sophistication- Electronically Controlled Combined ABS by Honda.


The benefits of ultra-precise electronic control

Helping rider stop at about the same distance

The average rider may apply either the front or rear brake more and faster than the other. As a result, the combination of braking forces on the front and rear wheels can vary by rider.

Combined ABS was developed to combine front and rear braking forces and helps reduce differences in braking practices. Now, Electronically Controlled Combined ABS employs advanced electronic control to combine and distribute front and rear braking forces, allowing licensed riders of all levels to experience super sports bike braking as they never have before.

The antilock braking system (ABS) functions with a natural feel and minimal vibration.

In contrast to conventional systems, Electronically Controlled Combined ABS features ultra-precise control of brake fluid pressure that helps prevent wheel lock. As a result, the system minimizes vehicle vibration and eliminates brake lever pulsing for superior, ultra-smooth ABS performance and braking.

Possible to apply braking force on the rear wheel only

Electronically Controlled Combined ABS allows riders to apply precise rear-wheel braking with the foot pedal. Application of the rear brake does not result in immediate front brake activation unless rear-wheel lockup is sensed, allowing an experienced rider to use the rear brake like a traditional non-linked unit during spirited riding such as track days for outstanding speed, suspension and steering control.

Electronically Controlled Combined ABS is a world's first technology that gives riders enhanced access to the riding performance attributes of super sport bikes-access that brings more control and more confidence.

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