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Safety for Everyone Honda ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicle)

Pursuing the goal of Safety for Everyone with Honda Advanced Safety Vehicles

Engine technologies Idling Stop System

The Idling Stop System automatically turns the engine off at traffic lights and other brief stops, reducing CO2 emissions when the vehicle is stationary. New technologies and precision engine control ensure smooth engine startups.

Transmission technologies Dual Clutch Transmission

Honda has developed a motorcycle transmission with automated clutch and shift operation that delivers the same riding enjoyment as a manual transmission.

Braking Technology.Electronically Controlled Combined ABS

Electronically Controlled Combined ABS features fine-tuned electronic control to support the highly responsive behaviors of super sport bikes.

Flexible-fFuel Technology FFM (Mix Fuel Iniection System)

The world’s first motorcycle to incorporate flexible-fuel technology is easier both on the environment and on customers’ budgets.

Transmission technologies.HFT (Human-Friendly Transmission)

Honda has developed a continuously variable automatic transmission with a simple, belt-free design that is compact enough to be installed on a sport bike.

Airbag technologies Motorcycle Airbag System

Honda's Motorcycle Airbag System makes it possible to fit an airbag to a motorcycle by securing the airbag to the frame with a tether straps.

Not all technologies depicted are used in all markets.

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