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From the City of Racing to Users of the World:
Suzuka Factory Supplies High Performance Honda Products

Suzuka Factory was established in 1960 as Honda third domestic factory. Models manufactured at the factory include the world's best selling Fit, and the N series mini-vehicles. Suzuka Factory, among Honda's domestic factories, supplies components to Honda's overseas factories in 27 nations, supplementing locally-purchased components and supporting their local production activities. The factory also acts as a "mother plant," providing technical support to Honda's overseas factories.

From the City of Racing to Users of the World: Suzuka Factory Supplies High Performance Honda Products

Produced Products at Suzuka Factory

Produced Great car at Suzuka Factory

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Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Suzuka Factory
1907 Hirata-cho, Suzuka-shi, Mie Pref. , Japan
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About Suzuka Factory Activities

A Production Line with Man and Machine in Perfect Harmony:
Producing High Quality Automobiles from State-of-the-art Facilities and Human Skills

Suzuka Factory utilizes state-of-the-art machinery in all of its processes to manufacture high-quality automobiles. Its efficient, integrated production system covers every stage of manufacturing, from the engine to the finished automobile. Honda's fundamental principle "people-first" is applied throughout, using robots for tasks that are either strenuous (such as handling heavy objects) or demand difficult postures if done by hand, making Suzuka Factory worker-friendly.

Components are unitized in its "Global Standard Line" production line, allowing multiple models to be manufactured on the same line, realizing flexible manufacturing according to market demands.

Suzuka Factory Achievements
Honda Products
Revolutionizing Manufacturing

Suzuka Factory sets the standard - the "Global Standard Line" - for Honda's production lines worldwide including North America and the United Kingdom.

Productivity and flexibility for each stage of production are of a higher standard, responsive to changes in the market. By spearheading Honda's Green Factory initiative, initial costs for developing new models and extensions have been halved, manufacturing lead-time (from component acquisition to finished vehicle) has been reduced by 30%, 8 models can be handled simultaneously, and CO2 emissions from manufacturing have been reduced by 20%.

Assembly line Assembly lineAssembly line

Suzuka Factory Social Activities

Social Activities Rooted in the Local Community

Suzuka Factory is involved in various activities, caring for the interaction with the local community.

  1. Since its establishment, Suzuka Factory has "blended in with the community as a local citizen," participating in local activities to ensure smooth operations.
    In April 1999, a social activity promotion center was established, marking the beginning of a new endeavor to contribute developing the society with the young generation.
    • Factory open to visitors since establishment
    • 1972: Cleaning activities started
    • 1973: Blood donation activities started
    • 1977: "Guardian" forest building began
  2. March 2001: Four Programs for the next generation added, assisted by former Honda associates.
    • Environment Wagon: Craft classes using natural material
    • Dream Hands: Craft class using recycled cardboard
    • Danger Map-making: Filling in traffic hazards on blank map
    • Suzuka Handball School: Developing healthy minds and bodies through sports
  3. Activities became established and management was transferred to former Honda employees and staff.
    • Beach-cleaning Activities
    • Forest Preservation Activities
  4. By actively participating in these activities as a corporate citizen, Honda aims to be a company that "society wants to exist."
Activity Programs
  • Environment WagonEnvironment WagonChildren intently learning how to use tools
  • Dream HandsDream HandsCreating masterpieces with cardboard
  • Danger Map-makingDanger Map-makingSharing scary traffic experiences
  • Suzuka Handball SchoolSuzuka Handball SchoolEnjoying instruction by adorable athletes
  • Beach-cleaning ActivitiesBeach-cleaning ActivitiesDigging up the beach by ATV to collect garbage, and making it safe to walk barefooted
  • Forest Preservation VolunteersForest Preservation VolunteersThinning and mowing to protect the water supply

Suzuka Factory's Green Factory Activities

Green Factory
  • Cogeneration SystemCogeneration System
  • VOC (Water Current Painting)VOC (Water Current Painting)
  • Solar Power GenerationSolar Power Generation

* The Green Factory Initiative encompasses activities such as improving resource utilization for manufacturing,eradicating waste disposal and toxic materials, and reducing CO2 emissions to industry-leading levels.

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