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Kumamoto Factory Manufactures Motorcycles and a Wide Array of Models

Kumamoto Factory is Honda's fourth factory, established in 1976. The facility is Honda's largest domestic site, situated in the most nature-rich environment.

The factory manufactures various motorcycle models and general purpose engines, and is capable of every stage from manufacturing and processing engines and components to assembling vehicles. The highly efficient production system from materials to finished products allows the factory to manufacture numerous models, and mass-produce while maintaining the highest quality.
Products from Kumamoto Factory are widely sold and loved domestically, and globally.

Kumamoto Factory Manufactures Motorcycles and a Wide Array of Models

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Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Kumamoto Factory
1500 Ozu-machi, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto Pref. , Japan
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About Kumamoto Factory Activities

People and Nature Harmonious at the Facility in the skirts of Mt. Aso:
The Strength of One Leads to the Strength of Many, and of the World

Kumamoto Factory: At the Center of Honda's Growing Global Production Activities

Honda's factories, including Kumamoto Factory, supplies components to Honda's overseas factories in more than 30 nations, supplementing locally-purchased components and supporting their local production activities. These activities contribute to industrial development of each country, and play a major role in Honda's global production.

In Harmony with Mt. Aso's Rich Natural Environment:
Proactively Deploying Environment and
Energy Conservation Measures

As with all Honda factories, Kumamoto Factory proactively deploys environment and energy conservation measures, following the themes "No Waste," "Effective Resource Utilization," and "Appropriate Processing."

Its environment conservation measures include utilizing a closed system for industrial water. Wastewater from each process within the factory is collected, denitrified, dephosphorized and reused, minimizing the effect on the surrounding environment (even though the water is clean) and maximizing efficiency by reusing everything that can be reused.

The factory is as proactive with its resource and energy conservation measures, realizing efficient factory operations.

Centralized Wastewater Treatment FacilityCentralized Wastewater Treatment Facility Rainwater Collection FacilityRainwater Collection Facility
Honda's Prized Asset:
Every Associate Thinks of Honda's Now and Future

To respect each individual and promote the development of their free-thinking, the factory conducts small-group NH Circle activities. In NH Circle activities, associates take the initiative to get together and discuss "Now" - the current state of their work, their workplace and their company, "Next" - ways to improve the current state, and "New" - build a new Honda.

Around 200 NH Circle groups conduct unique activities. The factory also conducts the "Improvement suggestion system" - a system in place to encourage all associates to propose ways in which the company's work environment and production efficiency could be improved.

Kumamoto Factory Aims to Provide a Rich, Attractive Work Environment and
A Factory Embedded in the Community

Kumamoto Factory has never created a wall between itself and the surrounding community. The rich forest surrounding the factory was planted by every associate, under the "Guardian forest with native trees" initiative. Associates create their own rich work environment, and actively utilize the welfare facilities within the spacious, nature-filled grounds, to make every day at the factory fulfilling.

The factory is embedded not only to its associates, but to the community as an active participant.

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