Honda Environmental Documentary of People and TechnologyHonda Environmental Documentary of People and Technology

“Environmental Documentary―Honda Face” was released as Web content in February 2012.
This content, which was created based on the concept of introducing Honda’s environmental initiatives
with a focus on people and technology, has been well received by many Internet users, with a high number of page views every time a new story is released.


CASE81 NEW August, 2018

Sustained Environmental Awareness Bears Fruit: Development of an Automatic Monitor ON/OFF App Three Years in the Waiting

Suzuka Factory, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

CASE80 June, 2018

“Next Generation Hydrogen Education Project” Lets Children Experience Hydrogen Energy and Look for Solutions for the Future

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. Next Generation Hydrogen Education Project

CASE79 April, 2018

Hamamatsu Plant’s New Energy-Saving Test Method, Inspired by the ‘Yaramaika’ Spirit, Contributes to Global Deployment of ‘Green’ transmissions

Transmission Factory, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

CASE78 March, 2018

Honda Engineering Receives the 2017 Grand Prize for Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Conservation for Its Innovative Fuel Cell Stack Aging Technique

Honda Engineering Co., Ltd.

CASE77 March, 2018

Yachiyo’s Crucial Role in Advancing Plastic Fuel Tank Technologies for Honda Vehicles and Beyond

Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd.

CASE76 February, 2018

Honda Daringly Redesigns Platform and Engine for Bestselling N-BOX in an Unprecedented Model Change

Automobile R&D Center, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

CASE75 February, 2018

The Story of Kumamoto Factory’s Rapid Recovery from the 2016 Earthquakes
How it Turned Tragedy into Opportunity

Kumamoto Factory, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

CASE74 February, 2018

Wuyang-Honda’s Bottom-Up Efforts to Become Environmental Leader of the Chinese Motorcycle Industry

Wuyang-Honda Motors (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

CASE73 February, 2018

Miyako Airport Adopts Clarity and SHS for First Time in Okinawa, Starts Project to “Generate, Use, and Get Connected” with 100% Renewable Hydrogen

Miyako Air Terminal Co., Ltd., Daiwa Denko Co., Ltd., Oki Sogo Setsubi Co., Ltd., and Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

CASE72 February, 2018

Honda Outboards Propelling Tourism Business in Japanese Castle Town

Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Honda R&D Co., Ltd., and Matsue City Tourism Promotion Public Corporation

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