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An extra rear window for visibility and safety

If aerodynamic performance were the sole consideration, then a single rear window gently sloping toward the tail of the automobile would be ideal. Such a design element, however, would give the car a lower rear and detract from its bold, sporty styling. For this reason, we designed the angle of the rear window and the tail of the all-new Insight to complement the rest of its dynamic forward-motion styling.

In doing so, we added an extra rear window to enhance rearward visibility. With this design, a driver can see a one meter-high pole that is directly next to the rear bumper. We feel we’ve been successful in combining an appealing design with good visibility for convenience and safety.

Creating a roomy interior in a subcompact

Our goal was to create a roomy interior that could accommodate five adults and plenty of luggage. At the same time, the vehicle needed to be low-slung and compact, and we wanted to design body that could be used in every region of the world.

One model we used in developing the dimensions of the all-new Insight was the 2003 Accord released in Europe and Japan (released as the Acura TSX in North America). We aimed to have occupants in the Insight sit in approximately the same places they would sit in the Accord with appropriate flexibility in possible seating postures. By adjusting the position of the rear wheels and the shape of the front and rear seats, we were able to come extremely close to our ideal dimensions.

Our goal in designing the cargo area was to use the hatchback design at its highest potential and achieve a level of spaciousness one might expect from the next higher segment. By placing the compact IPU (Intelligent Power Unit) beneath the cargo area floor, we created enough space for three golf bags. Borrowing an idea from the European Civic the cargo area of the European and Japanese models have a lower level whose top may easily be removed to create a deeper and larger cargo area. In North America as well, there is additional space beneath the cargo floor for storage, including a place to store the cargo area cover.

Amenities for utility and convenience

We didn’t see the all-new Insight’s size as any reason to skimp on amenities. Instead, we worked to give the hybrid as many extra touches as possible.

When there are four occupants, each has the use of more than two beverage holders. For multifunctional utility, the center console has a detachable partition box and can hold sunglasses, beverages and a variety of other everyday items. The armrest console between the two front seats allows for relaxation during commuting and provides additional storage space.

We recognized that customers, before selecting the Insight, may have been driving many different types of automobiles, including luxury automobiles. One luxurious touch is a lidded storage compartment in the front that can hold a garage door opener. Even on the front passenger side fine touches like a convenient storage pocket use the available space efficiently.

Our team leveraged its collective experience in creating the best amenities possible. They cost a bit more, but we felt the utility and convenience they added was worth it.

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