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01 HightTech  High Tech Unmistakably Advanced Design Solid Wing Face , Advanced Interface

Many of Honda's advanced technologies have been applied to the New Fit, including the engine. Symbolic of this is the "Solid Wing Face" design, one flowing stroke from grill to headlights, a bold and powerful expression made possible by the thin headlight design. "Look at the tail lights as well. When lit the lines provide an expression characteristic and easily recognizable as the New Fit," explains Murakawa.

The Advances in interior design encompass the meters, center panel, and air conditioner panel. The blue floating ring behind the meters are characteristic of the "Advanced Interface" design. The audio and air conditioner are controlled by a full-color electrostatic multifunction display. "We designed the interface to be intuitive to our customers, who are accustomed to smartphones and tablets," explains Kitajima.

Advanced design that is unmistakeable. The New Fit is easily recognizable by its new wheels and shift-knobs, but is just as unmistakably advanced in many more aspects.

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02 High Tension Designing New Framework and Structure  Athlete Form ,Personal Cockpit

By looking at the New Fit's overall form, it becomes obvious that the roof peaks further to the front and the tailgate leans forward, compared to previous generations. Like an animal hunting its prey, its silhouette is flowing and dynamic.

The manner in how the "Solid Wing Face" and monoform cabin encounter the sporty lower body is named "Crossfade Monoform." Murakawa elaborates, "We endeavored to design the 'Athlete Form,' realizing a beautiful muscular proportion. The strong underbody expression, the deep line where the cabin meets underbody, and the front and rear fenders all enhance the feel of dynamism."

In the driver"s seat, it becomes clear that the design naturally supports driving.

The drivers enjoys the "Personal Cockpit," in which functionality is positioned, and facing the driver. "The high-quality interior enveloping the cockpit's structure is beyond what you would expect from a small car," Kitajima says. With time, New Fit owners will undoubtedly recognize, and appreciate the small, well-designed details.

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03 HighTouch Rich Surfaces and Textures  Dramatic Surface, Craftsmanship

The New Fit looks wider than, especially to those accustomed to, the second generation. Many within Honda felt the same, but in fact the third generation Fit is the same width as its predecessor.

The secret, according to Murakawa, lies in the "Dramatic Surface" exterior, unlike any other of Japan's 5-number category compact class car. "We took most care in the deep character lines and fusion of surfaces from the 'Solid Wing Face' through the full-bodied hood and fenders, to well-defined sides. The rear has sharp, edged surfaces to leave an impression of sportiness, when a New Fit passes by."

55mm longer than the second generation, and also due to it's exterior spindle design, maximizing aerodynamic performance, the New Fit has even more interior room than before.

The new interior boasts a high quality feel through intricate "Craftsmanship" focusing on materials, Kitajima explains. "We paid most attention to the matching of material and shape. Soft materials for visually soft surfaces, and sharp surfaces for metallic finishes. By designing contrast into the interior by matching shape and material, we succeeded in expressing 'Craftsmanship' unique to Honda."

A familiar yet luxurious car with which the joy of ownership increases with time. The process of designing such a car must have been fun.

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