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Honda Urban EV Concept


Closer to People, closer to life. The small car of tomorrow born from advanced technology.

Heading towards the mass production of EV models, what should technology and design look like? To this, Honda’s answer is the Honda Urban EV Concept. Built upon a newly developed EV-only platform, the Honda Urban EV Concept is a compact car, ideal for urban driving. The exterior expresses Honda’s small car DNA, the “joy of lively driving” and “friendliness that inspires attachment” simply and iconically. The front and rear are equipped with displays that show messages and greetings to onlookers. The living room-like interior is modern and comfortable, equipped with a large display and “Honda Automated Network Assistant” based on Honda’s AI technology. Learning the driver’s lifestyle and tastes, the Honda Urban EV Concept provides the driver with timely suggestions, realizing a natural communication between driver and car. A small car that is closer to people, closer to life: this is Honda’s vision of the new relationship between people and cars.

  • Yuki Terai

    Exterior Designer

    Yuki Terai

    I pursued a shape like “a robot or partner on wheels” so the owner could feel a close bond with the car.
    I drew sketch after sketch, which is a different approach to traditional car styling design.
    Keeping the car’s purpose and elements needed in mind, I kept the design simple, from the viewpoint of the occupant or onlooker.

  • Fumihiro Yaguchi

    Interior Designer

    Fumihiro Yaguchi

    There are many different cars on the road, but I think a warm, comforting design is what’s missing from modern cars. If the occupant has a warm feeling, there’s less stress and that can contribute to a more enriched society. Making the shape of a car, is the same as designing people’s feelings.

  • Sayuri Nakasawa

    CMF Designer

    Sayuri Nakasawa

    In the future society of mobility, the connection between people and cars should drastically change. I’d want my car to be a cute partner. A calming influence. Like air, just there.
    I hope for many people, cars become something that’s more accessible, more a part of ordinary life. That’s what I had in mind when designing the Sports EV Concept.

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