Honda’s innovative SH-AWD technology adds a whole new dimension of handling power as of April 2004

Not all technologies depicted are used in all markets.

What is SH-AWD?

In the 100 years since the birth of the automobile, until SW-AWD, automakers have taken a ‘one-track’ approach to steering.

Everyone was fixated on a single method: they relied on the steering wheel to turn the car.

SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) is the world’s first 4WD system to freely distribute the optimum amount of torque to all four wheels, taking the drive torque normally used to propel the vehicle forward and using it for cornering. (Drive torque is the force that gives the wheels their ‘kick’.)

SH-AWD—a new concept: using drive torque to help steer the vehicle

With 4WD, drive torque is delivered to all four wheels, providing powerful forward propulsion much like that of a four-legged animal. If you watch a four-legged animal run, you will notice that when it turns it kicks more powerfully with its outer rear leg than its inner one.

SH-AWD takes this concept of an animal kicking powerfully with its outer rear leg for more nimble cornering and applies it to the automobile. This significantly enhances vehicle maneuverability.

Applying extra torque to the outside rear wheel helps turn the vehicle just like in a rowboat, where you turn the boat by rowing harder with the outside oar.

How the SH-AWD mechanism delivers extra torque to the outside rear wheel in cornering

SH-AWD distributes torque to all four wheels, using a pair of electromagnetic clutches to freely regulate torque distribution between the rear wheels.

As the grip of the electromagnetic clutches is tightened, the amount of torque transmitted to the rear wheels is increased.
Torque to the front wheels is reduced by the same amount. This allows the system to regulate torque distribution to all four wheels.

In a curve, the grip of the electromagnetic clutch connected to the outside rear wheel is further tightened, creating a stronger connection to distribute more torque to this side. This results in more force being transmitted to the road surface.

This simple principle allows the SH-AWD system to continuously vary torque distribution within the following ranges:
Front/ rear distribution: 70% (front) : 30% (rear) ~ 30% (front) : 70% (rear)
Lateral distribution between the rear wheels: 100% (left) : 0% (right) ~ 0% (left) : 100% (right)

The additional cornering force provided by SH-AWD significantly enhances vehicle maneuverability.
This improved handling performance lets the driver trace the desired line through the curve with greater ease and stability than ever before.

SH-AWD, the world’s first continuously variable, all-wheel drive system, enhances vehicle driving stability, for an exciting leap forward in driving pleasure.



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