Clarity Fuel Cell

Smaller Fuel Cell Stack makes 5-seater Possible

Honda realized a 4-seater sedan packaging with the FCX Clarity. The next step was to realize a standard, 5-seater sedan packaging.

A cell is where the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen generates electricity. A fuel cell stack is made by stacking cells to provide the required amount of electricity.

With the Clarity Fuel Cell, improved cell performance allows a 30% reduction of the number of cells, and improved cell structure allows a 20% size reduction of each cell. These improvements lead to a 33% smaller fuel cell stack.

Reducing Fuel Cell Size

Clarity Fuel Cell sports a compact fuel cell powertrain, comprising the fuel cell stack, hydrogen/air supply system, air compressor, fuel cell voltage converter unit (FCVCU) and drive motor, equivalent to a V6 engine in size, completely housed under the hood.

Compact Generation and Drive Mechanisms as Small as a V6 Engine
For more details, see Engineers Talk “Clarity Fuel Cell Powertrain”

As a result, it became possible to design the Clarity Fuel Cell as a 5-seater sedan. In addition, the FCVCU increases the maximum drive voltage from 330V to 500V, raising maximum drive motor output by 30% to 130kW, providing a more exhilarating drive.

Higher Output, Higher Torque, Higher Revving Drive Motor

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