Clarity Fuel Cell

FCVs are the Ultimate Clean Cars
Emitting Only Water

Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs) are clean cars that do not release CO2 or other harmful exhaust gases into the atmosphere - they emit only water.

FCVs are fueled by hydrogen stored in their tanks. The hydrogen is not burned, but is used to react inside the fuel cell with oxygen in the air, creating electricity, which powers the motor to make the FCV move.

Hydrogen is created through electrolysis of water. By using renewable energy such as hydro-, wind or solar power instead of fossil fuel, hydrogen can be created without releasing any CO2.

Sustainable Renewable Energy

On a full tank of hydrogen, FCVs can travel roughly the same distance as gasoline vehicles. FCVs are hoped to be the ultimate clean cars, the cars of the future.

In the late 1980s, Honda believed that cars in the future would be powered by hydrogen energy, and begun basic research on fuel cells, engaging in the research and development of FCVs. In 2008, Honda announced the FCX Clarity, and in 2016, launched the further-evolved Clarity Fuel Cell.

History of Development Towards a Hydrogen Society

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