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  • Reseach and development system
  • Organizational functions
  • Locations of research institute
  • Motorcycle R&D Center
  • Automobile R&D Center  Wako
  • Automobile R&D Center  Tochigi
  • Power Products  R&D Center
  • Aircraft Engine  R&D Center
  • R&D Center X
  • HRD Sakura
  • PG Operations Division Tochigi Proving Ground
  • PG Operations Division Takasu Proving Ground
  • Oversea offices
  • Profile & Related Companies

Oversea offices: Taking a global approach to research and development, the Honda philosophy focuses on satisfying the individual needs of its customers.


1. Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
2. Honda Research Institute Japan Co.,Ltd.
3. Honda R&D Sun Co., Ltd.


1. Honda Motorcycle R&D China Co., Ltd. (HRCh)
2. Jialing-Honda Motors Co., Ltd. R&D Center (JLH R&D)
3. Honda Motor China Technology Co.,Ltd. R&D Center (HMCT R&D)


1. Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. Thailand Head Office (HRS-T)
2. Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. Indonesia Representative Office (HRS-IN)
3. Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. Vietnam Representative Office (HRS-V)
4 Honda R&D (India) Pvt. Ltd. (HRID)
5. Honda R&D India Pvt. Ltd. (HRID-GN)
6. Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (HRAP)
7. Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. R&D Center (HRAP-M)
8. PT Honda R&D Indonesia(HRIN)
9. Honda R&D India(HGID)
10. Honda Power Products Indonesia R&D Center (HPPI R&D)


1. Honda R&D Europe(U.K.)Ltd. (HRE-UK)
2. Honda R&D Europe(U.K.)Ltd. Moscow Office (HRE-M)
3. Honda R&D Europe (U. K. ) Ltd. Turkey Office (HRE-TR)
4. Honda R&D Europe(Deutschland)GmbH (HRE-G)
5. Honda R&D Europe(Italia) srl (HRE-I)
6. Honda R&D Middle East (HRME)
7. Honda R&D Africa (HGAF)
8. Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH(HRI-EU)


1. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. (HRA-LA)
2. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Denver Office (HRA-Den)
3. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Detroit Office (HRA-DT)
4. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Florida Office (HRA-FL)
5. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. North Carolina Office (HRA-N)
6. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Ohio Center (HRA-O)
7. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. South Carolina Office (HRA-S)
8. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Canada Branch Toronto Office (HRA-C)
9. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Halifax Office (HRA-C-Halifax)
10. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Cincinnati Office (HRA-CIN)
11. Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Burlington Office (HRA-BUR)
12. Honda R&D Mexico (HRM)
13. Honda Research Institute USA, Inc. (HRI-US-SV)
14. Honda Research Institute USA, Inc. (HRI-US-OH)

15. Honda R&D Innovations, Inc. (HISV)


1. Honda R&D Brazil (HRB-SP2, SP4,SPP)
2. Honda R&D Brazil (HRB-M)
3. Honda R&D Brazil (HRB-S)

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