What kind of Hondas are these RC-V MotoGP racing bikes?

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What kind of Hondas are these RC-V MotoGP racing bikes?



RC211V(2001 to 2006)

RC212V(2007 to 2011)

RC213V(From 2012)


RC211V : 2050mm

RC212V : 2052mm

RC213V : 2052mm


RC211V : 1130mm

RC212V : 1110mm

RC213V : 1110mm


RC211V : 645mm

RC212V : 645mm

RC213V : 645mm


RC211V : 1440mm

RC212V : 1435mm

RC213V : 1435mm

Road clearance

RC211V : 130mm

RC212V : 115mm

RC213V : 115mm


RC211V : Over 148kg

RC212V : Over 150kg

RC213V : To be based on FIM

Engine type

RC211V : Water-cooled, 4-stroke DOHC
V-5, 4-valves per cyl.

RC212V : Water-cooled, 4-stroke DOHC
V-4, 4-valves per cyl.

RC213V : Water-cooled, 4-stroke DOHC
V-4, 4-valves per cyl.


RC211V : 990cc

RC212V : 800cc

RC213V : 1000cc

Max. power

RC211V : Over 240 hp

RC212V : Over 210 hp

RC213V : Over 230 hp


RC211V : Twin tube

RC212V : Twin tube

RC213V : Twin tube

Front tire

RC211V : 16.5-inch

RC212V : 16.5-inch

RC213V : 16.5-inch

Rear tire

RC211V : 16.5-inch

RC212V : 16.5-inch

RC213V : 16.5-inch

Front suspension

RC211V : Telescopic

RC212V : Telescopic

RC213V : Telescopic

Rear suspension

RC211V : New Unit Pro-Link

RC212V : Pro-Link

RC213V : Pro-Link

Fuel tank

RC211V : 22L

RC212V : 21L

RC213V : 21L


Q: Is riding these bike different than road bikes?

I hear that racing cars are driven in a completely different way than road cars. Is it the same for MotoGP racing bikes?

A: Essentially, they are ridden in exactly the same way.

The throttle and front brake are operated by the right hand, and the right foot works the rear brake. You use the clutch with your left hand and shift gears with your left foot. It's just the same as most road bikes. You could say that an RC-V racing bike is the ultimate version of the Honda road bike you ride.

Q: How fast do they go?

What top speeds do these MotoGP bikes reach?

A: Depending on the course, they can do about 350 km/h.

Some circuits are faster than others, but we are looking at a bike with an 800cc engine capable of over 220 hp, but weighing only 150kg or so – that's less than a 400cc road bike. This setup allows them to reach top speeds of around 350 km/h. The fastest speed reached in the 2011 season was by Dani Pedrosa in Round 8, the Italian GP, where he clocked 349.3 km/h.

Q: What's their fuel consumption like?

These bikes put out 220 hp, so I guess fuel consumption must be pretty poor?

A: It's not bad, considering the horsepower.

Taking the Japanese GP at the Twin Ring Motegi Circuit as an example, it required less than 21 liters of fuel to cover the full 115 km distance. That comes to about 5.5 km/l. You wouldn't call that very good for a road bike, but when you consider that Casey Stoner won this race riding at an average speed of 164.2 km/h, it certainly isn't bad. Today's MotoGP regulations specify fuel tank capacity, so races aren't simply about the bike's power – if we don't ensure good fuel consumption, there's always a danger of running out before completing the course.

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