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Development driven by what the customer wants - the NC700X

Motorcycle lifestyles, and what is sought from them, have become more diversified in recent years. There has been a shift away from an emphasis on specifications and the satisfaction of just being able to go for a ride. The number of those who now "seek fulfillment in their everyday lives through a motorcycle lifestyle" is on the increase. There are those who want to "spend time being true to themselves," others who want to "make more of every day" and still others who want "enjoy life while growing as a person." Amid such change, is it not possible to further expand the potential for motorcycles and the ways in which they can be enjoyed? How might the multi-faceted appeal of a bike change when augmented by comfort, safety and environmental performance? What would happen if Honda with its cutting-edge technologies were to take up this challenge? These questions formed the starting point of the NC700X's development.

The team sought a machine that would emulate Honda's idea of a "New Crossover Concept" - a concept that embraces, without clinging to conventional thinking or categories, the appeal engendered by the challenge of diverse possibilities. Taking into account on the one hand the fundamental needs of customers ("anytime, anywhere, easy, fun and safe") and on the other, their need to explore the unknown and improve themselves through new discoveries, we arrived at a "NEW CROSSOVER CONCEPT" to drive development with the following keywords at its heart:

  • All-round style: A powerful, sophisticated and vibrant design that looks attractive in both the city and the countryside
  • Multi-purpose riding: On-road comfort, maneuverability that expands the sphere of activities, and an upright position
  • Daily performance: An easy-to handle engine with powerful low-to-mid speed torque characteristics and exceptional fuel efficiency
  • Easy operation: An easy-to-operate Dual Clutch Transmission that delivers direct power

Plus, in order to create an adaptable motorcycle that can meet fundamental customer needs and be used in a variety of life settings:

  • Crossover styling that expresses a rider's personality and stirs their spirit of adventure
  • Powerful torque and an upright position to deliver a ride in keeping with each rider's skill level
  • Large-capacity, adaptable utility space that can be put to a variety of uses
  • Exclusive suspension that can handle whatever changeable road surface conditions the rider finds
  • Accessories to suit a wide range of uses and accommodate changes in a rider's motorcycle lifestyle
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