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Development driven by what the customer wants - the NC700S

Driven by the desire to see as many people as possible experience the exhilaration, mobility, and comfort of FUN riding by making motorcycles more approachable and affordable, the development team worked towards the following goals:

  • TEasy-to-control output characteristics and reassuringly direct handling
  • Enhanced comfort and distinctive, cutting-edge design any owner would take pride in
  • Superlative environmental performance and best-in-class fuel economy

The development team decided to propose a series of attractive, classic motorcycles that would bring joy to customers across the world. In the case of the NC700S, this would be accomplished by mounting a newly developed, fuel-efficient, easy-to-handle, 670cc engine on a common (to the series) frame and so create a motorcycle that would serve as a benchmark for the future not by being a simple extension of conventional thinking, but by meeting customers' needs and the demands of the day.

The NC700S is a user-friendly, naked model arising from a "Neo-FUNctional Commuter" development concept. It fuses the straightforward characteristics that make it possible to experience the true thrill of maneuvering a bike with a powerful, distinctive and vibrant design inspired by classic styling. In addition to this, its low seat height provides excellent ground reach and a sense of security, while its simple yet agile naked style allows the user a relaxed and stress-free ride.

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