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Development driven by what the customer wants - the INTEGRA

The development team decided to meet the needs of customers who "want to experience a relaxed ride that combines the comfort of a scooter with the thrill of a motorcycle" or to put it another way, who "want to be able to sometimes also enjoy FUN riding and touring, even with a commuter model." Users were envisioned as being in their 30s, active, young at heart, and seeking a status value that was not going to be achieved with conventional models.

The development concept of a "Scooting Motorcycle," with the keywords FUN, EASY, COMFORT, was decided on, with the goal of delivering an affordable, comfortable yet exhilarating ride with low running costs. This machine was then developed aiming for the following requirements:

  • Powerful but easy-to-control output characteristics, superlative environmental performance and best-in-class fuel economy
  • Handling that delivers excellent riding stability.
  • Enhanced comfort and a distinctive, cutting-edge design that any customer would be proud to own

In order to answer customer needs and to meet the demands of the day while looking ahead to the next generation, the development team had the idea of proposing to our customers a new kind of motorcycle life where the fun of riding a motorcycle is enhanced by maximizing the special character of Honda's Dual Clutch Transmission, which delivers both FUN riding in manual mode and easy riding in automatic mode, and fusing this at a fundamental level with the practical comforts and generous luggage space of a scooter.

The ultimate goal of product development was to "maximize customer joy." To achieve this, the team took both a macro view of the world as a whole and a micro view of each country's local characteristics through the eyes of Honda's customers, and always with the environment at the front of its mind.

The passion of the development team is reflected in the INTEGRA's excellent handling, through which the rider can experience the thrill of maneuvering that is unique to a motorcycle; its breathtaking and powerful ride that has a direct feel even in automatic mode; the useful addition of practical touches such as generous storage space and greater comfort for passengers; its styling backed by a functional beauty that anyone would adore.

Preserving its scooter-like configuration and not reducing fuel tank capacity, the vehicle further accentuates the engine's primary advantage—its overwhelming fuel efficiency—by achieving a cruising distance of over 390 km (WMTC mode, includes the distance from reserve fuel). This cruising distance exceeds the figures of existing large-displacement scooters by over 25%.

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