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A worldview that people can identify with, with a sense for the arriving future

Something you can identify with wonder and emotion,
and a way you can jump into this world

NM4 Worldview

“NM4” symbolizes the worldview aspired to by the project team. “Cool!” is the simple keyword we came up with for the NM4 to describe the feelings gained from the •contents• you can touch every day•evoking a sense of wonder from, being moved by, and identifying with, movies, music and fashion that express the new world that you can feel the arriving future.

The NM4 project is about communicating messages about the things and actions that attract people who enjoy “Cool!” experiences in their daily lives, and people who may be driven by the urge to get their hands on an NM4 and jump right into the world this model represents.

NM4 Worldview

The NM4-01/02 identity

For the NM4-01/02, we took on the challenge of creating a completely new design not bound by commonly accepted values and standards for conventional motorcycles.

The NM4-01/02 identity
  • A striking, massive feel in the front, with the large overhang of the front fairing. In contrast, a low and small rear area features a sharp design accenting the “front-massive” form
  • With the impression of the rider slipping into the low seat, the cockpit position offers a unique field of vision with the meter and screen in direct sight
  • The side view mirrors built into the front fairing help give the visual impression of a low body

Prominent features incorporated into a design instantly recognizable as the NM4, the models’ identity is expressed through the silhouette that looks the “coolest” when the rider is aboard.

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