Motorcycle Airbag System

About the Motorcycle Airbag System

  • Introduction
  • Development Objective
  • Development History
  • Research and Development Methodology
  • System Composition and Functionality
  • System Operational Flow

Development Objective

One vital aspect of Honda's motorcycle safety research has been careful analysis of the key statistics concerning accidents. Data from Japan, the US and Europe all indicate that frontal collisions account for over half of all collisions. It also has been confirmed that many injuries result from the rider's impact with vehicles or the road surface. In view of these facts, Honda engineers sought to reduce the incidence and severity of injuries by absorbing the energy of an impact and reducing the rider's forward velocity.

To achieve this objective, Honda decided to develop a motorcycle airbag. In the event of a frontal collision, the airbag is designed to inflate and absorb some of the rider's kinetic energy. As a result, the force of impact between the rider and the vehicle or the road may be reduced, mitigating injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Data Analysis

Motorcycle Accident Data Analysis

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