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Specifications Performance of HondaJet


1,223nm(nautical mile

Flight range among the major cities in the U.S.
Flight range from London to the major cities in Europe.

Cruise Speed



Maximum Cruise Speed @ FL300 422KTAS (782km/h)
Maximum Cruise Altitude FL430 (43,000 feet = approximately 13,106m)
Pressurization (Differential) 8.7 psi (pound/square inch) (approximately 0.59 atmosphere)
Range Performance
NBAA IFR Range (4 occupants) 1,223nm(2,265km)
Rate of Climb 3.990 feet/min (approximately 1.216m/min)
Airport Performance
Take-off Distance less than 4,000 ft (1,219 m)
Landing Distance less than 3,050 ft (930 m)
External Baggage Capacity
Within nose section 9 cu.ft (approximately 254.9L)
Within aft section 57 cu.ft (approximately 1614.1L)
External Dimensions
Height 14.90 ft (4.54 m)
Length 42.62 ft (12.99 m)
Wing Span 39.76 ft (12.12 m)
Interior Cabin Dimensions
Height 4.83 ft (1.47 m)
Length—Fwd. Pressure Bulkhead to Aft Pressure Bulkhead 17.80 ft (5.43 m)
Width 5.00 ft (1.52 m)
Typical configuration 1 crew + 5 pax
Alternative configuration 1 crew + 6 pax

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