High-Access Survey Robot

High-Access Survey Robot

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Key Specifications

Key Specifications

A. Arm

The robot makes use of the ASIMO's multi-joint simultaneous orbit control and posture control. The arm, 1.7 meters in length, has eleven joints to enable access in high and narrow areas.


B. Camera

Using 3D point cloud technology developed for robotics applications, the laser range-finder camera generates images that are then rendered in 3-D for real-time monitoring on a computer screen.


C. Battery pack

To minimize development time, the battery pack from the ASIMO was adopted.

Battery pack

D. High-Area Accessible Crawler Work Platform

Developed by AIST

E. Stage

The compact stage allows the arm to reach very high up within cramped spaces, while a horizontal linkage system allows the robot to maintain a low profile while in motion.

F. Maximum height = 7.0 m

The camera arm extends to a maximum height of 7.0 meters and helps discern structures in high and/or narrow areas.


Length 1.8m
Width 0.8m
Height 1.8m (while being transported/traveling)
Maximum reach (height) 7.0m
Weight Approximately 1,100kg
Robot arm Length: 1.7m, DOF: 11
Maximum travel speed: 2km/h
Travel capability Maximum allowable incline: 15 degrees (front/back), 20 degrees (sideways)
Maximum allowable bumps: 60mm in height

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