Dream 50R



Comes equipped with the Dream 50 engine assembled with camshafts, valve springs, piston, designed exclusively for the Dream 50 race kits, and low-friction cam chains, crankshaft, and light-weight AC generator which are newly designed for the Dream 50R. The carburetor and air funnels are designed exclusively for competition use, all of which contribute to developing 51.4kw (7ps) at 13500rpm. The transmission comes equipped with 6-speed close-ratio gears.


Aluminum front and rear fenders and a dedicated aluminum oil catch tank.
Race use tachometer (full scale 18000 rpm) and tachometer stays are mounted directly to the frame, improving meter conspicuity. Equipped with a numberplate. The front and rear suspension is fitted with pre-load adjusters to ensure controllability.
The front suspension now has no speed meter gear box inside. Instead it is equipped with side collar for weight reduction. Swing arm is fitted with chain guides which meet the regulations. The exhaust system has a single pipe, instead of former double wall pipes to enhance exhaust efficiency.
Tires are Bridgestone BT39SS for front and rear, providing high road holding performance.

Optional Parts

Two types of springs for the front suspension and one type for the rear suspension are provided, depending upon rider preference.

  • The HRC mark was affixed for photographic purposes only.
  • As HRC products are manufactured exclusively for racing, they cannnot be used on general public road.
  • The specifications are subject to change without prior notice, for the purpouse of product improvement.
  • As HRC products are manufactured exclusively for racing, they are not covered by warranty as general mass-produced products are.
  • Please consult your authorized Honda motorcycle dealers.

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