Gold Wing Family

Gold Wing Family

The story behind the Gold Wing

In 1975, when road sports models for the young generation were leading the American motorcycle market, Honda introduced the GL1000 powered by a liquid-cooled, horizontally opposed, four-cylinder engine, creating the new value as the "King of Motorcycles" and developing a new market with gaining popularity among seasoned riders.

Since then, the GL1000 has gone through many progressive iterations shaped by the fundamental concept of "comfortable tourer that even two can ride" with features such as a large front cowls and pannier cases added, allowing the bike to then join its customers in forging a new market.
Engine displacement was increased to 1100cc in 1979 and 1200cc in 1983, and equipment was enhanced to improve comfort.

In 1988, Honda developed and released a model equipped with a high-quality, horizontally opposed, six-cylinder 1500cc engine as the world's first ever motorcycle with a reverse gear.*1 The bike that emerged, the Gold Wing, has cemented its reputation as the "King of Motorcycles."
*1 Based on Honda research

In 2000, Honda undertook a full model change of the Gold Wing for the first time in 12 years and equipped it with a newly designed, horizontally opposed, six-cylinder 1800cc engine.
The model was developed to combine the sporty ride quality sought by riders with passenger comfort set at a high level. It also complied with the emission regulations demanded by society and adopted an aluminum twin-tube diamond frame. This Gold Wing, the GL1800, opened a new chapter in motorcycling history.

In 2005, a new model featuring a GPS-based navigation system was released.

In 2006, a model with the world's first motorcycle airbag system*2 was added, just one example of the advanced technology for comfort and safety that Honda has applied to the Gold Wing.

Then in 2011, the model underwent a radical redesign.
With a design expressing the bike’s nimble and sporty nature combined with the latest in audio and navigation technology to make long-distance touring a comfort, the Gold Wing has evolved even more.
*2 Based on Honda research

The Gold Wing series

To appeal to long-cherished customers and to other generations, Honda launched the Gold Wing F6B in 2013, a lightweight stylish model achieved through optimized equipment and specifications together with sporty performance enhanced by means of weight reduction.

And in 2014, Honda launched Gold Wing F6C that is developed in order to offer a large number of customers across many generations the first-hand experience of the attractions of riding Honda’s Gold Wing flagship.
The Gold Wing F6C is intended as a stylish model to be used with a laid-back spirit in daily life, while looking sharp on the streets and designed to satisfy customers with the exhilarating feeling of the wind inherent to a cruiser and its unique riding feel.

The Gold Wing series

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