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The frame incorporates the engine itself as a stressed member, and achieves the optimal balance between rigidity and flexibility with the adoption of lightweight multi box section aluminum twin tubes. The frame layout, taking riding position into full consideration, realizes nimble operability unexpected for a large-displacement bike and comfortable ride feel.

Moreover, the frame unites suppleness and rigidity at a high level while fulfilling basic riding functions such as a sportiness allowing the rider to feel firsthand the basic joy of running, a comfortable ride feel allowing the passenger to feel relaxed, the optimal body size, dimensions and riding position.

Front/Rear suspension

The front and rear suspension settings were changed for improved ride feel.

The front suspension is a 45-mm diameter, cartridge telescopic fork, adopting an anti-dive mechanism activated when applying the brakes, and ensures even more comfortable operability in all ranges. The rear suspension adopts the Pro-Arm single-side swingarm, with its superior maintainability, in combination with Pro-Link. Equipped with a two-position memory function, the computer-controlled, electric hydraulic-type adjustable suspension allows for quick adjustment depending on whether one or two people are riding.

Front/Rear suspension
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