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Frame & Chassis


The lightweight, multi-box section aluminum twin tubes common to the Gold Wing GL1800 achieve an optimal balance between rigidity and flexibility, as the frame incorporates the engine itself as a stressed member. The frame layout, which takes full account of riding position, achieves a surprisingly nimble operability for a large-displacement motorbike and a comfortable riding feel. This allows the rider to feel the basic joy of running first hand, while the passenger can feel relaxed with the supple and comfortable riding feel.

Riding Position, Dimensions

Riding Position, Dimensions

Front suspension / Rear suspension

The front suspension is a 45-mm diameter, cartridge telescopic fork, which inherits the Gold Wing GL1800’s anti-dive mechanism linked with braking operations in order to minimize front fork dive when braking.
The rear suspension settings were revised in step with the F6B’s evolutionary weight reduction to provide the rider a firsthand feel of comfortable operability in riding in all ranges from low speed to high.


In line with the development concept, the equipment and specifications have been simplified and the weight reduced, resulting in nimbler handling. This helps casual riding along narrow city streets and even on congested roads.


For braking, the F6B inherits the Gold Wing GL1800’s Dual CBS (combined brake system), while having the front brake equipped with a floating 296-mm diameter disc and a three-piston caliper on both the right and left sides of the wheel and the rear one equipped with a three-piston caliper attached to a 316-mm diameter ventilated disc.
This Dual CBS braking system is unique to Honda and distributes the ideal braking force between the brakes for the front and rear wheels when either the hand brake (for the front wheel) or the foot brake (for the rear wheel) is applied.
There is also a model with specifications for Combined ABS, a Dual CBS plus anti-lock brake system (ABS). Combined ABS restrains unexpected wheel locking even during sudden braking or under slippery road surface conditions such as those during rain. The rider is relieved of excessive tension even in these conditions, as the system helps ensure a more reliable braking force and control of body behavior with normal braking operation by the rider.

Dual Combined ABS

Dual Combined ABS

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