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Technical details

4. Valve timing

To facilitate a subtle interference in air intake volumes and enhance a "ride to suit mature tastes," the optimal open and close timing of the inlet valve is set separately for each cylinder. In-line, multi-cylinder engines do not usually have their valve timing set separately, but the manufacture of different camshafts that change the valve timing for each cylinder does not significantly increase the workload in the machining process of 2-cylinder V-engines with a dedicated camshaft for each cylinder.
In this engine, two kinds of inlet valve timing have been set up for the cam in order to change the reciprocal in-line 2-cylinder valve timing on each camshaft. As explained above, setting up two kinds of inlet valve timing for one camshaft does not create a manufacturing problem. But it does lead to a cost increase because it requires a process that is not normally performed.
Therefore, in order to manufacture the camshaft at an optimal price, various issues including those surrounding cost were successfully resolved by referring to a variety of manufacturing methods, such as those employed in automobiles with a multiple-valve-timing cam and one camshaft.

Set timing separately to inlet valves
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