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The development team has done its work with the aim, as a development concept, of making drastic innovations without being bound to conventional design while offering "a new dimension in global engines, providing extreme fuel economy and high efficiency at a lower price."
This engine is positioned as the critical engine indispensable to achieving the Honda Global Environmental Vision*-an advanced motorcycle engine featuring idling stop.
The most distinctive feature of this engine is the function to improve fuel efficiency through the reduction of the friction created when electricity is generated. This friction reduction has been realized by a smooth and quiet start achieved by a motor that serves as an intelligent self-starter and as a dynamo (generator) with intelligent generation control.
We aimed to do our part in achieving the 2020 CO2 emissions reduction targets stated in the Honda Global Environmental Vision and to ensure "Blue Skies for Our Children"** by delivering the model with this engine to more people worldwide.

Not only did the development team put its passion into the mobility and space-savings that are characteristic of motorcycles, it also took on challenges with the global environment and economy in mind, seeking superb fuel efficiency and related qualities, as well as adding in a first-rate practicality and ease of handling that can be appreciated by a wide range of riders, from beginning to experienced.

Honda Environmental Vision: Realizing "the Joy and Freedom of Mobility" and "a Sustainable Society where People Can Enjoy Life"
Blue Skies for Our Children : Honda has established a global environmental slogan as an expression of the company's proactive commitment to make progress in its environmental efforts on a global basis.

To develop this global-standard engine that looks ahead to the next generation and is environmentally responsible, we conducted an exhaustive analysis of actual customer usage in a variety of countries, and determined the requirements as: 1) price, 2) fuel efficiency, and 3) practicality, with the following targets set:

  • A low-cost engine that is lightweight and compact with better performance and quality
  • A liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, 125cc engine featuring idling stop technology and which is both environmentally responsible and fuel efficient.
  • An engine with output characteristics and high durability that emphasize practicality, while retaining a high-quality feel

To this end, we developed a new lightweight, compact engine, aiming to improve upon the conventional single-cylinder engine's advantages in economic efficiency and ease of handling and to realize output that provides plenty of torque in the rpm range normally used, all the while remaining nimble as a scooter.

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