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On December 2, 2002, Honda delivered FCX fuel cell vehicles to customers in Japan and the US. The Honda FCX was the world's first fuel cell vehicle to be certified for commercial use, and its delivery to the Cabinet Office in Japan and the City of Los Angeles in the US marked the beginning of a new era.

In 2003, implementing an innovative new approach, Honda created the new-generation Honda FC Stack. Realizing world-leading levels of compactness and output and the capability to start up in temperatures as low as –20° Celsius, the new Honda FC Stack represents a very significant breakthrough.

The Honda FC Stack and ultra-capacitor combine to power the motor,
with onboard high-pressure hydrogen tanks for fuel storage.

A fuel cell vehicle is powered by an electric motor running on electricity generated by a fuel stack which uses hydrogen as its energy source. Considering factors such as energy efficiency during power generation and driving, overall system weight, and packaging efficiency, Honda equipped the FCX with a system that combines a fuel cell stack and ultra-capacitor with onboard high-pressure hydrogen tanks.
The newly developed Honda Fuel Cell Stack, which generates power more efficiently than its predecessor, serves as the main power source, while the independent ultra-capacitor contributes its outstanding storage capabilities as a supplementary power source to deliver ample drive power to the motor.
The result is highly efficient driving performance: high-output, high-response driving and excellent fuel economy. And to ensure plenty of space in a compact body, the FCX employs high-pressure hydrogen fuel tanks capable of storing a large volume of hydrogen in a small space, along with a more compact fuel cell system and highly efficient packaging thanks to an optimum placement of the system components on a custom platform.

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