Flexible-Fuel Technology (Motorcycles)

In Brazil, Honda begins sales of Flex Fuel Motorcycle CG150 TITAN MIX, which is capable of running on a mixture gasoline and ethanol in any proportion.



The world's first flexible-fuel technology in motorcycles

In March 2009 in Brazil, Honda began sales of the flex-fuel motorcycle CG150 Titan Mix, which complied with Brazil’s Promot 3 emission standard (equivalent to Euro 3). This motorcycle features Honda’s proprietary Mix Fuel Injection, the world’s first flexible-fuel system for motorcycles, which allows users to mix gasoline and bio-ethanol in any proportion.

In Brazil, only two types of motor vehicle fuel are available: gasohol (20-30 percent ethanol) and 100 percent ethanol, which is less expensive. For many years, the vast majority of automobiles in Brazil have featured flex-fuel technology, allowing users to mix freely the two types of fuel. Yet flex-fuel motorcycles did not exist, and riders had to adjust their bikes every time they altered the fuel mix.

In the CG150 Titan Mix, Mix Fuel Injection features an original fuel supply system that is highly durable in contact with ethanol. In the Honda-developed control system, the PGM-FI fuel injection system uses the signal of the O2 sensor, which monitors the O2 concentration in exhaust, to optimize fuel injection for any mixture of the two fuels. No adjustment on the part of the rider is necessary. In addition, in cold weather the alcohol indicator lights up as needed to help the rider choose a fuel mix that is conducive to engine startup.

Burning ethanol as fuel results in less CO2 emissions than burning gasoline. Moreover, since the carbon in plant-based bio-ethanol comes from the atmosphere, burning bio-ethanol as fuel does not contribute to atmospheric CO2. In Brazil, bio-ethanol is produced from the waste of sugar refining, and the energy needed for the refining process is also derived from that waste. By turning organic waste into ethanol and energy, the people of Brazil are having a large and beneficial effect on atmospheric CO2.

In October 2012, Honda announced the "FLEX one," a collective name for Honda's flexible fuel technologies for automobiles and motorcycles. In January 2013, Honda introduced the world's first flex fuel motorcycle model in 300cc class, XRE300.

Now, Flex one lineup includes BIZ125, CG160 TITAN, CG160 FAN, CG160 CARGO, CB TWISTER, NXR160 BROS ESDD, XRE190 and XRE300.

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