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Honda pioneered the electric motorcycle segment in 1994, when the company leased a limited number of CUV-ES electric scooters (first-class motor-driven cycle in Japan, for engine displacements of 50cc or less) to national government agencies and local government bodies in Japan.

The EV-neo electric scooter was introduced in Japan, offering convenient and durable performance for deliveries and other business applications. It is an EV (electric vehicle) with the potential to make people's daily lives more comfortable and enjoyable. One of Honda's most famous commercial motorcycles is the Super Cub. Launched in 1958 to fulfill founder Soichiro Honda's desire to create products useful to people and the world, the Super Cub has been a worldwide customer favorite ever since.

With the same goal of adding value to individual lives and society as a whole, Honda designed the EV-neo to leverage all the advantages an EV has to offer. The result is an electric motorcycle that offers clean, quiet performance and satisfying power in a wide range of commercial applications.


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