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Dual Clutch Transmission for CRF1000L

Honda developed a model equipped with Honda's unique DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) for CRF1000L Africa Twin. Optimum gear-shifting operations are automatically carried out when accelerating and decelerating.

The AT gear system shifts gears appropriately just as the rider wants to. In the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) system, a separate, independent clutch is used for odd-number and even-number gears, for smooth and appropriate acceleration and deceleration according to the rider’s intent.

Perspective image CG of the engine (DCT model)
DCT structure cross-section

Add-on shift pedal module (Optional for DCT model only)

In MT mode on the DCT model, the rider can manually shift between gears using a switch on the handlebar, but an add-on shift pedal module is also optionally available, allowing the rider to enjoy gear-shifting with the shift pedal, just like an MT model.

CRF1000L Africa Twin
Adaptive Clutch Capacity Control system

The Adaptive Clutch Capacity Control system enables optimal clutch capacity control in line with the engine torque, according to riding conditions and the mode selected. The same control system is installed on the current VFR1200X model.

Adaptive Clutch Capacity Control system
G switch

Turning the G-switch On or Off according to use and road surface conditions enables riding just as the rider prefers.

When Off is selected with the G-switch, the clutch capacity is limited to the minimum in line with the engine torque, so that even if sudden throttle operations change the engine output, jerky vehicle behavior is minimized. With the setup, even when making a U-turn at a low speed, stable vehicle body behavior is maintained for throttle operations, and making the turn with an improved sense of security is possible. By reducing any change in vehicle body behavior in case of sudden throttle operations, the rider's fatigue in long-distance riding such as touring is mitigated.

When the G-switch is turned On, there is more room for clutch capacity in relation to engine torque, so the system contributes to maneuverability when recovering the vehicle posture with accelerator operation, and allows the rear to slide in off-road riding, for instance.

CRF1000L Africa Twin

Uphill / Downhill detection

According to conditions when climbing or descending a hill, the DCT adopted for the CRF1000L Africa Twin infers the slope angle from the driving state and performs optimum gear-shifting control. When climbing, the system maintains a low gear position to ensure appropriate driving force. When descending, the system optimally controls the timing for shifting down in deceleration according to the conditions, and changes to the optimum shifting schedule based on the frequency of applying the brakes, providing engine brake control.

Uphill / Downhill detection

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