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Since its first release in 1972, the Civic rapidly turned its sights internationally, becoming a basic car on a global scale. The Civic is now sold in more than 170 countries and regions.

Of the 100 million cumulative global automobile production landmark Honda reached in 2016, around 24 million, or 25 percent, of all those cars were Civics, a testament to how it has been loved all over the world.

Keeping an eye on changing times and to respond to global needs, Honda has strived to build cars ideal for the regions they are sold in, and has developed Civics to meet these needs. In recent years, however, the Civic’s class (C-segment) has changed radically, moving towards higher performance and premium quality to a global phenomena.

The new, 10th generation Civic, aiming to lead this ruthlessly competitive class, takes Honda’s fundamental values for all of its cars,“the fun of mobility, the joy of driving” to a completely new level, to create a new, common value for customers worldwide.

Striving to provide top-class “joy of driving” among all C-segment models, Honda developed a new platform which enables the vehicle to achieve high-level dynamic performance for various driving situations including sporty driving at a racing circuit. Based on this newly-developed platform which realizes the ultimate dynamic performance intended for the Type R, four types were developed simultaneously, and the overall potential of the all-new Civic series was enhanced dramatically through the unique characteristics of each type.


Core Technology of the 10th Civic series

Civic series core technologies aiming to realize the “fun of mobility, the joy of driving” and enhancing each other

Sedan / hatchback/coupe
C-segment leading refined ride
Common concept core technologies TYPE R Outstanding, Fastest Front-wheel Drive* performance
Powerful, highly responsive 1.5L VTEC TURBO engine High output, high torque VTEC TURBO engine 2.0L VTEC TURBO engine, aiming for response as sharp as a normally aspirated engine
CVT with paddle shift / Manual transmission for thrilling acceleration Transmission matched optimally to engine 6-speed manual transmission with lightweight flywheel for sharp acceleration performance
High rigidity / low vibration body to drastically improve performance and quiet cabin Body frame that enhances chassis performance Glue-connected body realizing absolute reliability over any surface
Aerodynamic performance balancing lower Cd and lift for high fuel efficiency and stability Aerodynamic performance that realizes both styling and performance Aerodynamic performance pursuing lower Cd and negative lift to increase limit performance
MacPherson Strut front and multilink rear suspension for enjoyable drive and sense of security Suspension aimed at covering wide ranging maneuverability characteristics Dual axis strut front and multilink rear suspension highly maneuverable even on the track, aiming to broad performance range
Pleasant and safe low driving position and outstanding visibility Packaging that promotes driving satisfaction Type R-specific seats highly secure even at high speeds, and low driving position and high visibility
New generation low center of gravity, low inertia, lightweight, high rigidity platform
Honda measurements at the Nurburgring in April, 2017 driving a test vehicle

While the overall Civic series involves design and engineering teams from Honda R&D in Japan, the development of the 10th-generation Civic Coupe, together with the Civic Sedan was led by a North American team – a first for Honda and Civic –, as well as sales and manufacturing operations from around the world, especially in North America and Japan, but also in Europe, South America and Asia. The Civic five-door hatchback and Type R are built in Europe at Honda’s UK manufacturing facility and exported globally.

Major Civic Series Research and Development, and Production Bases
Major Civic Series Research and Development, and Production Bases

Each model of the Civic series is produced at the regional base for its major market. Regions complement each other as part of the globally developing the series, creating a highly efficient production structure.

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