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Rear suspension

Adopting a Pro-link suspension allows a light and more compact rear suspension to be realized. This suspension demonstrates progressive characteristics (increases/decreases occur gradually) and high road tractability through ratio optimization.

This Pro-Link suspension makes the ride more stable by moderating damping force characteristics for a softer ride during short travel and by boosting the damping force characteristics for sure damping with a long stroke length during extended travel.
In this way, the suspension features damping force characteristics that change progressively, and having a compact suspension layout near the center of gravity contributes greatly to improved driving stability.

In addition, the five-position preload adjuster can be adjusted to respond to the rider's preferences, riding in tandem, and other demands. Proper toughness along with high rigidity has been achieved through a 574mm rear swing arm and 60 × 30mm pipes with square sections. Because the plastic inner fender also serves as the chain case, high design quality and weight reduction were achieved while reducing splashes of mud and chipping on the vehicle body, rear cushion and ABS modulator.

Structural diagram of Pro-Link suspension operation image

Structural diagram of Pro-Link suspension operation

Illustration of cushion arm operation image

Illustration of cushion arm operation

Functioning and effect of Pro-Link suspension
The Pro-Link rear suspension has a functional advantage in that the cushion stroke length increases at a greater rate in propor- tion to the stroke length of the rear axle portion. That is, this mechanism has progressive characteristics (increases/decreases occur gradually); the cushion arm and connecting rod function so that the cushion stroke is shorter in the range where the rear axle does not move much and gets longer as the rear axle movement reaches a higher range.

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