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Motorcycle Technologies

Conspicuity Enhancement Designs

FACE Design
The human brain exhibits a strong response to facial patterns, especially to the eyes and mouth. Honda's new FACE design for ASV-3 takes advantage of this to make motorcycles more noticeable to other motorists by modifying the front of the motorcycle so that it resembles a human face.

The FACE design is the result of collaborative research and development efforts by Wako Research Center, the Asaka R&D Center, and Honda Research Institute Japan. In fact, brain function measurements taken with fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) confirm that the FACE design elicits a response in the brain similar to that when a human face is seen. This design significantly improves motorcycle visibility.

LONG Design
Since the light from a conventional motorcycle’s headlights comes only from the center of the vehicle, it is often difficult to judge a motorcycle's distance and speed—often it seems to be farther away and moving more slowly than reality. To achieve nearly the same level of visibility as automobiles, ASV-3 motorcycles are outfitted with two sets of high-intensity LED lights at two different heights. This improves motorists' ability to judge a motorcycle's distance by approximately 10%, and improve the ability to assess its speed by approximately 20%, as compared with conventional motorcycles.


Rear View Assistance System

The status of other vehicles approaching from behind is captured by a rear-mounted camera, and presented on the motorcycle's display. The system helps make maneuvers such as changing lanes safer by providing riders with information about vehicles approaching from the rear that are not easily seen in a rear view mirror.

Rear View Assistance System

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