Evolution of ASIMO :

Evolution of ASIMO

ASIMO (2000)

Small, Useful Size

The robot's size was chosen to allow it to operate freely in the human living space and to make it people-friendly. This size allows the robot to operate light switches and door knobs, and to work at tables and work benches. Its eyes are located at the level of an adult's eyes when the adult is sitting in a chair. A height of 120 cm (currently, 130 cm) makes it easy to communicate with.
Honda feels that a robot height between 120 cm and that of an adult is ideal for operating in the human living space.

In the Office
At home

* The above heights (in mm) are examples to serve as a reference.

Intelligent Real-Time Flexible Walking = i-WALK

The i-WALK technology features a predicted movement control added to the earlier walking control technology. This new two-legged walking technology permits more flexible walking. As a result, ASIMO now walks more smoothly and more naturally.

Prediction Movement Control

When human beings walk straight ahead and start to turn a corner, before commencing the turn they shift their center of gravity toward the inside of the turn. Thanks to i-WALK technology, ASIMO can predict its next movement in real time and shift its center of gravity in anticipation.


* ZMP: Zero Moment Point

Continuous movement is possible without pauses.

Because continuous flexible walking is possible, ASIMO can move and walk rapidly and smoothly at all times.


In addition to changes in foot placement and turning, the stride (time per step) can be freely changed.

Robots up to the P3 turned according to combinations of stored walking patterns.
ASIMO creates walking patterns in real time and can change foot placement and turning angle at will. As a result, it can walk smoothly in many directions. In addition, because stride (time per step) can also be freely changed, ASIMO's movements are much more natural.

Future potential of i-WALK technology

Thanks to i-WALK technology, it has now become possible for ASIMO to continuously and flexibly change the way it walks, from any given moment. The i-WALK technology further enhances the potential of robots to coexist with people in their daily living space. Further development of this technology will enable robots to more freely work in concert with human gestures and motions and to avoid obstacles on their own.

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