Key specifications of the new model
1. Running speed: 3km/hour (airborne time: 0.05 second)
2. Normal walking speed: current model 1.6km/hour --- new model 2.5km/hour
3. Height: 130cm (current model: 120cm)
4. Weight: 54kg (current model 52kg)
5. Continuous operating time: 1hour (current model 30 min)
6. Operating degrees of freedom:
Total 34 degrees of freedom  (current model: Total 26)
  · Hip rotational joint: Increased walking speed was achieved by the proactive rotation of the hips in addition to swinging of the arms, which cancel the reaction force generated when the legs swing forward during running or walking.
  · Wrist bending joint: Due to two additional axes in each wrist, the movement of the wrist area is more flexible.
  · Thumb joint: Previously, one motor operated all five fingers. With addition of a motor that operates the thumb independently, ASIMO can now hold objects of various shapes.
  · Neck joint: With an additional axis added to its neck joint, ASIMO’s expressiveness has been enhanced.

DOF : current model vs. new(research) model
  Current model new research model
Head : 2 3
Torso : -- 1
Arm : 10 14
Leg : 12 12
Hand : 2 4
TOTAL 26 34

Next-Generation ASIMO
Honda announced the development of new technologies for the next-generation ASIMO humanoid robot, targeting a new level of mobility.
Next-Generation ASIMO
(10 Photos December 15, 2004)

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