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The New ASIMO has made great leaps forward from its predecessor. In fact, the New ASIMO can walk along with you (holding your hand if you wish), and features advanced mobility, to the extent that ASIMO can now move carts and other objects around at will. And, with a newly developed total control system that controls all of ASIMO's functions, ASIMO can autonomously act as a receptionist, or even deliver drinks on a tray. The New ASIMO is also more agile than before, being able to run at 6km/h, and even turn whilst running.  
Key specifications of the new ASIMO
Height: 130cm
Width: 45cm
Depth: 37cm
Weight: 54Kg
Running speed: 6km/h
Operational Time:
Degrees of Freedom
Head: 3
Arm: 7 × 2
Hand: 2 × 2
Torso: 1
Leg: 6 × 2
Major Features
Receptionist tasks ASIMO is now capable of performing tasks as a receptionist or information guide automatically in concert with the movement of people. ASIMO now has the ability to recognize the surrounding environment through visual sensors, floor surface sensor, ultrasonic sensor, and by an IC Tele-interaction Communication Card, developed independently by Honda, held by the person with whom ASIMO will interact. Head-mounted eye camera and force (kinesthetic) sensor-equipped wrists allow ASIMO to give and receive an object such as a tray in a timely manner, or even to hold the hand of a person and move in sync.
Carrying objects ASIMO is now capable of handling a cart freely while maintaining an appropriate distance from the cart by adjusting the force of its right and left arms to push a cart using the force (kinesthetic) sensor on its wrists. Even when the movement of the cart is disturbed, ASIMO can continue maneuvering by taking flexible actions such as slowing down or changing directions.
Improved mobility Normal walking speed:
2.7km/hour (previous model: 2.5km/hour)

Walking speed while carrying objects:
(based on carrying object: weighing 1kg)

Running speed:

Speed of running in a circular pattern:
5km/hour (2.5m radius)
News Release
December, 2005 - Honda debuted a new ASIMO humanoid robot which features the ability to pursue key tasks in a real-life environment such as an office and an advanced level of physical capabilities.
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(19 Photos December 13, 2005)
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Press Conference Video, Dec. 13, 2005
(00:50 Dec, 2005)
Running at 6km/h
(00:35 Dec, 2005)
Turning on the Spot
(00:22 Dec, 2005)
Greeting Passers-By
(00:24 Dec, 2005)
Walking with a Tray
(01:31 Dec, 2005)
Operating a Cart
(01:26 Dec, 2005)
Running while Cornering
(00:57 Dec, 2005)
(00:44 Dec, 2005)
Walking Hand-in-Hand
(01:16 Dec, 2005)
Receiving and Delivering a Tray
(01:15 Dec, 2005)
IC Tele-Interaction Card
(00:25 Dec, 2005)
Interaction with Distancing
(00:44 Dec, 2005)
Interaction with Positioning
(00:26 Dec, 2005)
Interaction with Recognition
(00:22 Dec, 2005)
Used in an Office
(01:03 Dec, 2005)
Pushing a Cart
(05:21 Dec, 2005)
Running at 6km/h (Slow Motion)
(00:26 Dec, 2005)
Comparison of Running Speed
(00:20 Dec, 2005)
(00:58 Dec, 2005)

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