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Sports Bike Mirrors Designed to Overcome a Difficult Problem

Sports bikes are styled to cut cleanly and smoothly through the air with a sensation of speed that mimics the racing machines, so their owners often prefer mirrors that are as small and unobtrusive as possible. I've had plenty of experience riding bikes like this. One I recall was certainly cool to look at, but I had to take my hand off the bars in order to see anything in the mirrors. Another forced me to contort my arms in order to use the mirrors. On bikes like these, even changing arm positions often doesn't improve the limited rearward visibility their mirrors provide, adding considerable unease to every ride.


Riding on winding roads while in the forward crouch common to sports bikes, you feel as though you're part of the machine. While enjoying this feeling of performance, the effort you have to make to see anything in the mirror, or just turn your head around to look, really takes away from that pleasant feeling. Since I'm not the only one using the road, I'm always concerned about who or what is behind me, no matter where I'm riding. Because of this, I feel it's important to be able to have that important information at a glance. Of course, even if the mirrors are easy to see with, if their stays are ugly stumps, I can't really recommend that either.

In this respect, I found the CBR600RR's mirrors to be highly functional, offering a clear view through the twisties of a winding mountain road. The road I was tracing seemed to reverse itself in the mirrors, and the stays, I have to say, were beautifully designed. The adjustment range for these mirrors was also quite wide, and I was able to find the best positioning for whatever riding I was doing in a very short time.

The winding road I took is quite a long ways from home, so I took the roads leading there in touring bike style. In town, at the foot of the mountain pass, I maneuvered through crowded city streets like I was riding a scooter, sharing the road with cars and pedestrians. Cool practicality is of the utmost importance in these situations.

From time to time, certain super sports machines become benchmarks of their class. Clear yardsticks of circuit speed or best operation in a complete package, etc. If mirrors were ever to become a point of comparison with its rivals, I think the CBR's mirrors would obviously be the benchmark. I came to this conclusion while riding a rival machine, when I suddenly felt that the view from its mirrors "just isn't the same."

In Conclusion

In this way, I came to more clearly understand that all Honda mirrors have been carefully developed through meticulous study of user tastes and requirements. Position, adjustment ease, wide rearward visibility and ease of reading traffic conditions - these are the features you turn to whenever you ride a bike you've bought. As distinct from the catalog specifications as other factors you compare before buying, such as handling, engine power characteristics, parts quality, the complete package, etc. I'm sure few people even consider mirror visibility, never mind make it a priority when buying a bike.


I used to be one of those who never based my purchase on the mirrors. However, I now know from experience that the degree of rearward visibility available while riding has a big influence on my overall riding enjoyment. Mirrors that provide excellent viewing ease greatly expand the pleasure of motorcycle riding. How important is mirror visibility? - I verified this again as an experienced rider, and firmly believe it to be vital.

From the results of my investigation, I can strongly recommend Honda's mirrors. And I also recommend that you take the time to evaluate Honda's motorcycles again from the perspective of their rearview mirrors. Doing so is easy. Just visit a dealership and sit on a bike. A dialog about the high performance Honda has to offer will soon begin.

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