Message from the President and CEO

Message from the President and CEO

I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your cooperation and tremendous support for Honda's activities.

 Honda has strived to be a “company that society wants to exist” by undertaking various initiatives to provide appealing products and services that bring joy to customers in all aspects of our businesses, namely motorcycles, automobiles and power products. Thanks to these efforts, we have achieved growth as a mobility company that provides value unique to Honda to our 28million customers around the world every year.

 Meanwhile, the business environment surrounding Honda has been changing rapidly.

 These changes include evolving consumer values such as the shift from "owning" to "using" things (i.e., products and services) that has accompanied the diversification of lifestyle choices; the advance of an aging society and acceleration of urbanization; and continued changes in our climate. Moreover, we are now witnessing a number of changes that were unimaginable in the past, such as the transformation of the industrial structure due to advances in energy conversion, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies.

 As these medium- and long-term changes in the business environment unfold, it will be important for Honda to determine how we can transform and evolve the value of our existing businesses of motorcycles, automobiles and power products, while continuing to achieve sustainable growth and helping to solve various social issues. This involves the ways we create unprecedented and completely new value and also encompasses new domains transcending the framework of our existing businesses.

 To do so, it is essential to formulate a vision while looking ahead to the future and then take actions to fulfill that vision to ensure that we can quickly address the changing times. Accordingly, we formulated the “2030 Vision” as a new challenge directed at the next generation that articulates the ways we can provide value unique to Honda.

 Our 2030 Vision incorporates Honda's passionate ideas of "technologies are for people" and "challenge new things" and indicates the direction we are taking toward the future.

 By pursuing this vision, Honda aims to continue achieving sustainable growth together with society. You can look forward to Honda making further strides within this era of change.

 I sincerely appreciate your continued support for our endeavors.

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