The thinking behind the Safety documentary “Honda Hearts”

“The joy and freedom of mobility for everyone will not be
achieved without providing a sense of security for everyone”
We want to share our passion to pursue safety for everyone.

People move from one place to another. When people go see their close friends and families in person, they strengthen their bonds, meet new people and encounter new things in their lives. Such bonding and new encounters make people’s lives happier and more enjoyable and sometimes help people create new trends or cultures.
Based on this belief that mobility products are something that carry “people’s happiness,” Honda has been creating a wide range of mobility products.

Honda dreams of a society where anyone can experience the “joy and freedom of mobility.”
So, first of all, vehicles have to be safe.
Based on this belief, Honda has always pursued the development of advanced safety technologies exploring how technologies can help people avoid dangerous situations and protect people in situations where avoiding the dangerous situation is unlikely.

That is not all. Since people actually drive vehicles, we want to provide safe driving technologies and knowledge to as many people as possible. Furthermore, we believe that a safer transportation society can be realized by sharing traffic safety information through new technologies such as telecommunications technology.

Based on that thinking, Honda is striving to ensure the joy and freedom of mobility not only by pursuing “technologies” such as safety technologies on our vehicles, but also by broadening its focus to the area of traffic safety education for people and the area of telecommunication to promote sharing of traffic safety information among people and vehicles.

Through each of our activities, we want to send our “hearts” to your “hearts.”
The “Honda Hearts” is a website created upon these beliefs.
From this point, Honda’s efforts to create future mobility might receive attention, and, we hope, for instance, that you discover the passion we have for safety through one of our vehicles.

Tomiji Sugimono

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