About "run/"
"run/" is Honda's new global corporate ad, featuring the newest ASIMO prototype. Since the first ASIMO developed in 2000, ASIMO has not only grown in popularity, but has grown in abilities. The new ability (running) coupled with humor is the key aim of Honda's global corporate advertisement. In the 60 second short movie “run,” ASIMO’s new function is portrayed through a race with an old gentleman at an airport moving walk.

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In addition, and also to complement "run/," we have produced two posters. "ASIMO and a boy" (as shown above) captures the bewilderment and delight of the boy as he looks upon the newest ASIMO prototype running. In contrast, "ASIMO STEP" highlights ASIMO running with a bold, yet subtle statement. Notice how ASIMO's foot does not touch the ground. This in itself is breakthrough technology, but it is all aimed at one thing - to develop and manufacture the best automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment.
About Honda's Global Ads
Honda has always strived to provide everyone around the world with a simple, concise message that not only conveys product information, but maybe more importantly, the Honda spirit. With just a touch of humor.

Honda believes in making dreams come true, hence the message "The Power of Dreams." And, Honda always produces automobiles, motorcycles, and power products with the aim of enriching your lifestyle. Did you know how fun it is to own a Honda? Hence the message, "Do you have a HONDA?"

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