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Toward Our Next Dreams

Robotics technology | Since 1986
Honda Robotics

Honda's study of human beings leads to new technologies which support people's daily lives

"Technology is a means of serving people." Honda has for years conducted R&D on humanoid robots, as represented by ASIMO, to realize the dream to be useful to people and to help enrich their daily lives. Honda has established a collective name, Honda Robotics, to represent all of its robotics technologies and product applications created through its R&D on humanoid robots. Striving to bring out the next generation of mobility, Honda will proactively carry on its robotics research and development.



Expanding the joy of mobility through this personal vehicle of the future

Capitalizing on the balance control technology used by ASIMO for bipedal walking, Honda in 2012 announced a new personal mobility device called the UNI-CUB. Riders can move forward, backward, side-to-side, and diagonally just by shifting their weight. In 2013, Honda introduced the smaller and lighter UNI-CUB β, offering greater usability for a wider range of people. Honda is working toward commercialization of this personal mobility device which is intended to be used in places where many people come and go.



Offering a comfortable assist which promotes a longer stride for easier walking

Honda has been making continuous progress in the research and development of the Walking Assist Device, which manages the stride and rhythm of walking by using a motor located in the lower back area to assist thigh movement when the user extends a leg forward or kicks it backward. The compact size has been realized through Honda's original thin motor and control system. The device is now undergoing verification of its effectiveness in supporting people with reduced walking ability.

Walking Assist Device

Walking Assist Device

[Robot development history]

  1. 1986 [E0]1986 [E0]Walking capability achieved by alternating the forward movement of each leg
  2. 1989 [P1]1989 [P1]Long-awaited evolution to a full-fledged humanoid robot with arms and a torso
  3. 1996 [P2]1996 [P2]World's first autonomous walking humanoid robot, incorporating all necessary mechanisms
  4. 1997 [P3]1997 [P3]A prototype, more closely resembling human size and better suited for a human living environment
  5. 2000 [ASIMO]2000 [ASIMO]Creation of a humanoid robot exhibiting advanced intelligence and physical capabilities
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