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Sharing joys with customers around the world

Automobiles | Since 1948
S500 (1963)

S500 (1963)

With our own hands, let's create automobiles that will be widely accepted around the world

“We will redraw the map of automobile manufacturing.” With this commitment, Honda launched the T360 mini truck in 1963 to become the last major domestic automaker to enter the Japanese automotive market. A second model, the S500 sports car, then followed in the T360’s footsteps to form a pair of vehicles equipped with Japan’s first DOHC automobile engine and to make Honda’s debut with a full complement of our distinctive innovation. Then in 1964, Honda took up the challenge of Formula One with the intent of honing Honda’s leading edge technology at the pinnacle of racing. Ever since, Honda’s automobile business has been filled with a challenging spirit for creating new value in every area including technology development and manufacturing.

Grace Hybrid

Grace Hybrid

[Product history]

  1. 19631963T360 mini truck released
  2. 19671967N360 mini passenger car released
  3. 19731973Civic with CVCC engine released
  4. 19901990NSX midship sports car released
  5. 20132013Accord Hybrid released

Bringing environmentally-responsible vehicles and the joy of driving to more and more people

Honda is seeking to use its unique technologies to create both the fun of driving and excellent environmental performance. Launching the new Legend, equipped with an innovative three- motor hybrid system, now expands the line-up of our hybrid cars. Development is also under way for the launch of a production model based on the Honda FCV Concept, a new fuel cell concept car that was unveiled in 2014.

Legend Hybrid, Honda FCV Concept

Offering a succession of small vehicles
useful in a wide variety of daily situations

With demand rising worldwide for small vehicles, Honda aims to develop and deliver them in ways that meet customer needs worldwide. The new plant in Mexico that started operations in 2014 focuses on producing small vehicles In Asia, Honda plans to increase the number of plants in India and Indonesia, with the aim of increasing production capacity for the Amaze and Mobilio models based on the Brio, and the CR-V, a compact SUV model.

CR-V (North American model)

CR-V (North American model)

For the greater “fun of driving”
with original technologies

Honda has launched the S660, a mini-sports convertible with a mid-ship engine layout, and now plans for a series of debuts in markets around the world for the new NSX, which is equipped with a three-motor hybrid system that offers high efficiency and high output. In pursuit of applying original technologies and ideas to realize the “fun of driving” by making the driver feel one with the car, Honda continues tackling the challenge of creating cars that inspire people around the world.



Worldwide automobile unit sales

Worldwide automobile unit sales
(Jan.–Dec. 2014) (unit: thousands)

[Honda automobile lineup]

  1. S660 (Japan model)S660 (Japan model)
  2. Civic Type-R (U.K. model)Civic Type-R
    (U.K. model)
  3. Mobilio (India model)Mobilio
    (India model)
  4. XR-V (China model)XR-V
    (China model)
  5. StepWGN (Japan model)StepWGN
    (Japan model)
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